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Hello! I'm Zen and I write fiction that can be divided into two categories: (1) fluff for postcolonial book nerds and (2) Asian woman meets/is supernatural creature, hijinks occur. I'm probably best known for my debut novel Sorcerer to the Crown, a historical fantasy about England's first African Sorcerer Royal and his many life problems — including a runaway orphan who is, of all things, a female magical prodigy ...

I've won a Hugo Award, a Crawford Award and a British Fantasy Award; have been to Buckingham Palace on invitation from Her Majesty The Queen (I took a photo of the toilets); and was once a model in a campaign for global makeup brand Lancome, chosen specifically for my achievements and not my looks.

Why have I set up a Patreon?

The concept behind Patreon is that you can be like the kings of old who funded scholars and jesters and artists at their courts so they had someone on hand to tell them jokes and play them soothing music and dance a jig for them at all times. You're the king; which of those categories of scholar vs jester vs artist I belong to is for you to decide!

What it means for the scholar/jester/artist (viz me and my fellow creatives) is that we can build an income stream that is independent of the vagaries of large corporate publishers. (It is still dependent on Patreon, but we all live in late capitalism, what can you do.)

I'm doing this as part of a long-term strategy to build a sustainable writing career: I want to diversify my income streams and learn to use a platform that offers an opportunity to people to make a living from their creative work. Ideally I would like to establish this as a source of regular income, in case my circumstances change and I need to rely more heavily on proceeds from writing.

Which brings me to the thing you need to know: financially, I'm very comfortable. I do NOT need this extra money to survive. Please do not support me if you're broke! (I mean, do support me emotionally, that is great, just don't give me money if you need it.)

Why should you give me money in that case?

You don’t need to, obviously! But if you enjoy my writing and would like to support my career and/or have access to more content from me, this is a way you can do/get that.

What am I going to do with any money you give me?

Two things, once I've set aside what's due to HMRC:
  • Invest it in my writing business. I'll use the money to cover expenses like international shipping for giveaways. When I run a book giveaway, I open it to readers worldwide more often than not, because I know what it's like to live far away from the Anglophone publishing hubs of USA and Europe, and I want to give international readers a chance to win free books. However, the postage costs are eyewatering and you can help me with those. I'll also use the money for things like commissioning cover art from independent artists and obtaining expensive academic texts for writing research.
  • Donate a percentage to charity. I'll let you know which one(s).

If my use for the money changes, e.g. because my circumstances change, I'll let you know.

Banner credit: detail from We Are Forests © Likhain
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When I hit this amount, I'll run regular giveaways of spare author copies of my books for all patrons on a first come, first served/while stocks last basis.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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