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About Rob Walling

For the past 10 months, the first 40 episodes of ZenFounder have impacted thousands of founders, their significant others, and their families.

As a listener you probably enjoyed our Founder Origins series, or our 7-part series about Co-Founder Relationships...

Or maybe you experienced a stroke of insight from one of our popular episodes on Founder Retreats, Depression, or Raising Entrepreneurial Kids and a slew of other topics designed to help founders and their families cope with the stress of starting up.

ZenFounder has found its audience. And there are thousands of you who tune in every week to feel like you're not alone. To realize that what you're going through is normal.

Leveling Up
Hopefully we've helped you over the past 10 months. Now we need your help to continue producing the show, and to elevate it to the level of storytelling we believe founder relationships, sanity, and family, deserve.

What if ZenFounder continued to tell the stories of founders, their lives, and their relationships, but with better production, more intricate storytelling, live Q&A episodes or two episodes each week?

We've delivered a new episode to your podcatcher every week since the show's inception. We'd like to continue doing that, and make the show better along the way.

We see the enormous potential of ZenFounder, and would love for you to join us on the journey.

Patreon funds will be devoted to the goals you see at left, including: an editor, better storytelling and production, live video Q&A episodes, and two episodes per week.

Anything you can contribute will help. But if you can spare the cost of a latte each month ($5), we think we can really blow the doors off of this thing.

If you feel like you've gotten value from our show...a stroke of insight, an insight for coping with stress, a game plan for your retreat, or just the feeling that other people in the world are doing what you're us to continue bringing it to your earbuds every week.
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Pays for professional editing, allowing Rob and Sherry to invest time into improving the show.
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