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About Ryan Davis

Hi! I'm Ryan Davis, also known as "zenspider" in the ruby/github community. I'm a developer's developer. I'm the author of many gems used by developers and companies throughout the ruby ecosystem (eg minitest, flog, flay, etc). 1% of all ruby gem downloads are of my software. Recently, I figured out that I have done my 1,000th gem release! I also maintain or contribute to numerous other projects (eg Ruby, enh-ruby-mode, Rails, etc). I'm putting this out there because, as an independent contractor, I no longer have direct corporate sponsorship to work on open source.

This will allow me to transparently and ethically ask for contributions to enable me to focus my software and supporting others on theirs. With your contributions, I can keep creating my work, give talks, and help others write the software they really want to write.

Thank you so much for even considering supporting my work.

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