Gina Riley

is creating digital drawings, traditional paintings, animatics, vines, songs

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Apparently, there are about 265 words for butt. Almost as many as I have nicknames and brand names. But right now, I go by Zeptobyte, Windicus, Skye Zetta, and, well, Gina.

Longer (and more boring, of course) introduction and about info can be found here, on my art blog.
I cover what and where I studied, why I draw, what I had for breakfast - some of these are probably not there, I guess you should check it out and let me know.

Now that we know each other (not that you told me whole lot about yourself), most asked questions (or rather, random facts about me).
I am living in Czech Republic (small village near Příbram, feel free to pay me a visit if you are from nearby or plan to go here), visit UK from time to time (Bristol, Exeter, Teignmouth - actually thinking of moving to UK), speak Czech and English (know at least a single word in more than thirty languages), have mental problems (don't worry, it's not contagious), my favorite words are banana and Czech slang word for bread (chleba).

Now to explain some things:
I use this name even on my instagram. Related to digital drawings, traditional paintings, audio, video, literature, rad bass skills (I wish).

Decay Anomaly
My super fresh youtube channel. I talk a lot there, do some animatics, and other boring very entertaining stuff.

Skye Zetta
That's the name I go by as a singer and a songwriter. Don't bother trying to google it, the facebook page is disabled right now.

Nebula Aurea
Wanted to include this as well. BJD, I write, I take photos, I make tiny furniture and sewing kits. A+

Anyway, Patreon is telling me that, and I am quoting this, "99.5% of our top-earning creators use this section to thank their fans and patrons." Well, if you stick with me, and even pay me money, I think I will love you. (In agápē sense. Basically, you will be my god, since you will feed me and give me place to sleep, you know, all that bothersome stuff we all need to survive.)
So thank you, my people!
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