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Sempai noticed you! You can come on and co-commentate when I stream! Just let me know beforehand. (I usually post on twitter before I stream, or you can subscribe to Devilrei on Twitch to get notif...

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Suggest a retro game for me to stream each month! Within reason, of course. I mean, I love my kusoge, but we're gonna have a very long talk first if you decide to give me Bubsy 3D or something.

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Suggest a game for me to cover in an article! Again, within reason, and preferably an obscure retro game. (I'll discuss your pick with you before I go ahead with it.) This is a one-time deal, so fe...

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I love Japanese figures! I love reviewing figures! I rarely get to review figures! But if you pledge this much, I'll be able to afford to buy and review a figure of your choice...