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At the end of the day, if it weren't for our Scouts, we would be lost in the dark and easily routed. When others stick to the safety of their familiar ranks, you peel off and plunge into the unknown in order to bring back valuable intel. A master of stealth and survival skills, you can operate alone deep behind enemy lines for however long is needed. You are a vital cornerstone of a castle that would otherwise crumble, and while you may be alone on the field, you are surrounded by the respect of a people who need you.

The benefits of this Tier include:

  • My deepest appreciation and gratitude

  • Access to Patron-only Polls

  • Exclusive Battlemaps in the form of Air Strikes and Supply Drops, including all previously released ones.

  • Patreon role in the Discord channel
Includes Discord benefits


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Our soldiers learned quickly to depend upon the rapid and brutal efficiency of our Cavalry in the thick of battle. Striding into battle atop armored warhorses and adorned in the finest gear, you emerge at the enemies flank and throw their ranks into chaos. Always on the move, striking with lightning precision and vanishing into the skirmish like a phantom, you are the vital backbone of our army.

The benefits of this Tier include:

  • All Scout-Tier benefits

  • Access to all previously released content.

  • High Quality JPEGs and VTTs. Grided, Gridless and No Canopy (when applicable), as well as a printer friendly versions of each map.

  • Night (or otherwise altered) versions of each map/scene

  • Discount / Priority Commissions: You receive 10% off the price of any commission you order. In addition, should I need to choose between you and a non patron's commission request due to limited slots, your request will be considered and fulfilled first.

Includes Discord benefits

Air Support

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Only the finest engineers, pilots and fighters are ultimately recruited as Air Support. Piloting the best airships our people can create, you patrol the skies and provide rapid support and intel. When danger inevitably rears its head, you descend from the clouds with weapons at the ready and spells hurtling towards our foes. Not to be outdone by the opening salvo, the boarding party that follows never fails to finish the job.

The benefits of this Tier include:

  •  All Cavalry-Tier benefits

  •  Once per month you may request an Airstrike. When requesting an airstrike battlemap you can either give me a brief description, even as simple as a couple of words, or you can go into further detail. Each side can be a minimum of 5 squares and a maximum of 20, with the two sides totaling no more than 30 squares. Your submission will be placed into a pool with any other Air Support members submissions, and I will select one or two at random each monthIf a previous winner is drawn again, they will be skipped until all other Air Support members have had their submission created, so that everyone gets a turn. Patron requested airstrikes will only be shared with Patrons.

Includes Discord benefits




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Welcome to the Nexus!

Hello there, I'm Zach and I make Battlemaps and Scenic views for TTRPGs. Please feel free to send any questions or concerns to my email, [email protected]

I've been drawing up world maps and dungeons since pretty much the moment I discovered D&D at the local gaming shop when I was thirteen. I just had a pencil and paper back then, but now thanks to incredible programs like DungeonDraft and Inkarnate, I've been able to make the jump to digital. I've never really considered myself an artist and generally kept sketches to myself or my close friends, but this has really given me a boost in confidence and enjoyment.

Choosing to back me is a great way to show your support, but you are always welcome to the free map packs and scenes that I post here as well.

For now I'm making approximately one Map Pack a month, which can consist of a large multi-level map, or three individual maps of a given theme. Each map not only comes with variations, but most will also have matching scene that I make beforehand with Inkarnate. I also create random scenes from time to time and share them here first. In addition, I release smaller random / Patron requested maps as Airstrikes, and larger random / commissioned maps as Supply Drops. Some of these will be free, others are only for Patrons.

Thank you so much for you interest, encouragement and continued support, it means the world to me.


I'm very mindful of copyright when picking assets to use/purchase for these, and as such I try to include links to each creator who's assets I use in any particular map. In case I ever forget, or you're just curious what creators are helping me out by providing assets, please check out any/all of these awesome creators.

- Essendi -
- Tyger_purr -
- Gnome Factory -
- Synecdoche -
- ApprenticeOfAule -
- Nexoness -
- Geordi__LaForge_ -
- Magicspook -
- vevedere --
Elven Tower -


Some of my maps don't shy away from blood and darker themes through environmental storytelling. These may or may not be upsetting to some people, so I would like to offer you the chance to turn back now if these topics may offend you in any way. Please stay safe and well out there.


If you'd like to follow along closer or just say hi, please feel free to swing by the discord


All content shared here is licensed under CAL-BY-NC license unless otherwise specified. Feel free to share them around, but please provide credit. All free maps will now be 128 PPI with branding and Patron maps are anywhere between 128 PPI and 256 PPI, depending on what my computer lets me export any particular map at.

Map Shop

If you'd like to get a particular map without subscribing, please check out my Creator page over on CartographyAssets


If you would simply like to make a donation, you are more than welcome to check out my Ko-Fi, and thank you so much :D


If you just have a specific map that you'd like made, you're welcome to commission me.. All commissions are priced by their total squares x price p/sq. All prices are subject to change.

Payments are to be made 50% upfront, 50% upon completion and are non-refundable unless the product has not been delivered within 30 days, after which time you may request and will receive your money back.

When you commission a map, you will receive a 256 PPI JPG with Grid and No Grid file, a 70 and 140 PPI No Grid UVTT file, and a 256 PPI Printer Friendly file. Larger maps may need to be exported at slightly lower resolutions. If you need something more specific, please inform me.

When placing your Commission, please inform me if you would like this piece to be kept Private between us, shared with just my Patrons as a Supply Drop, or shared with the Public as a Free Supply Drop.

  • Non-Commercial Commissions: You may commission maps licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0. The length and width may each be a minimum of 10 squares at $0.10 USD p/sq.
 ($10.00 USD minimum)

  • Commercial Commissions: You may commission maps licensed under CC BY 4.0. The length and width may each be a minimum of 10 squares at $0.15 USD p/sq. 
($15.00 USD minimum)

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I will make a Patrons-only battlemap. There will be a patrons only poll to decide what this map should be.
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