is creating Let's Plays, Vlogs, and Anything Else I Can Come Up With.
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My undying love and gratitude and the warm feeling that you helped somebody.
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My undying love and gratitude and will also add your name on special thank you list on Twitch.tv
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Same as the previous, but i will also record almost any voice message as long as it isnt too over the top nor an accent, because i cant do accents, and send it to you as an mp3.




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About _Zero_

Hey guys and gals if you know who I am then i'd really appreciate your help. But if you don't know who I am... I'm a youtuber who makes mostly let's play videos along with some vlogs from time to time. I also stream on twitch just about anything I can get my hands on from m.o.b.a.'s to fps shooters. I'm just here to have fun entertaining you guys.
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With better internet i'd be able to actually stream and upload a lot more often. I cant upload very much cause each video takes somewhere between an hour to 2 hours. And streams tend to either drop in quality.
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