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Zerothreetwo Conversations is the podcast where we talk to creatives, see how they live, and how they do their work.

My name is Carlo Villarica, one of the founders of Zerothreetwo and the host of the podcast. I've had plenty of conversations with creatives in Cebu, Philippines. The question, "How do we make Cebu a thriving creative community?" seems to always come up. The art is here, but how do we get the commerce part sorted out?

I've thought a lot about where our place is in this community. Zerothreetwo has managed to find a niche when it comes to our art and commerce, but how can we translate this to benefiting the community?

When Zerothreetwo first started as a blog, it opened many doors for us and has allowed us to meet many super talented and creative people. How best to share these connections with everyone? What better way to do it than through real conversations with people who are doing the work.

We've got so many creatives doing their thing in the Philippines, but no one is sharing the nitty gritty of their creative lives. All we see are the highlights. The best way to learn is to learn from others. At its core, that's what this podcast is about. It's about the shared knowledge that everyone in the Philippines has to create a better thriving creative community.

I'm an avid learner, particularly when it comes to creativity and entrepreneurship. Fortunately, there's plenty of quality content all over the world about these two topics. But after years of reading articles and listening to podcasts, I realized there was a gap in the content available in the internet. There was nothing with a Filipino point of view. Nothing showing what it was like to be an entrepreneur or creative in Cebu, Philippines.

While the stories and tactics available around the world are important, there is a huge difference to hearing what it is like from the Philippine perspective. Starting a company or a creative venture in the Philippines is a very different experience from everywhere else in the world.

Zerothreetwo Conversations is an attempt to provide that point of view. Many of the episodes feature stories of the struggles, the hustle, and the fun parts of being a creative in the Philippines.

If you think this is valuable, I urge you to help support us. Your support allows us to continue doing the podcast, continue reaching out to more creatives, and continue to record the culture that will pass us by.

Thank you for your contribution. You are here because you get it.
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Currently, Zerothreetwo Conversations uses royalty free music for the intro and outro music. Once we reach $100 a month, it will allow us to pay a local musician or artist for their music. 
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 11 exclusive posts
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