Alvin "Zerovalk" Tan

is creating gaming and tech videos (mostly gaming)

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Daily Monster Hunter streams of at least an hour! Any game of yours can be suggested down below too

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I want to give better content on a daily basis, but I will upload at least once every three days! I have a blog on www.zerovalk which is hosted and paid; so your donation helps go a long way.

I provide game and tech updates with some reviews mostly on tech stuff, so if you guys like catching up on tech news do follow my blog as well! I am trying to save up for a new PC and keyboard right now as well as a 3DS capture card which I hope to get hopefully before July 15 when Monster Hunter Generations launch.

I might find a cheaper alternative currently and buy an action camera to record gameplay with a head mount, so there is plenty of money involved right now. I am doing this as a passion as I like both tech and gaming!
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New PC goal hit, time to get a Nintendo Switch and I need to feed my family as well! Every little bit will go to monthly expenses and allowing me to given great daily content. Thank you very much Valkies!
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