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About Zero Waste Wisdom

Hello! My name is Jenica and I'm a zero waste advocate! I run a blog called Zero Waste Wisdom where I provide resources to individuals looking to reduce their trash. Through DIY recipes, tutorials on composting, product recommendations, and business spotlights, I hope to empower people to make environmentally friendly changes to their lifestyle.

The Zero Waste Movement promotes the idea of a circular economy and focusing on reusing high quality products as much as possible. We believe in reducing our carbon footprint by taking care of the resources we already have and not wasting our time, money, and fossil fuels. The Zero Waste Movement has five principles: Refuse, Reduce, Reuse, Recycle, and Rot. In that order!

I started personally living a zero waste lifestyle back in January 2015. It started off just as a personal New Year's resolution to do a waste audit every month. Soon it grew into a blog and a teaching opportunity! I now provide workshops in the Pacific North West area at food coops, parent groups, community spaces, and my own home, in addition to maintaining my blog. I actively practice reducing my trash as much as possible given my location and you can see my monthly waste audits still posted on my blog each month!

Blogging is not my full-time job. I will graduate in June 2019 with my Master's Degree in Speech Language Pathology (my other passion!) and dedicate a majority of my time to studying. The rest I spend blogging and producing content for my readers! In order to continue doing so, I need your support! I hope you will consider becoming a Patreon and having an inside look at my process as well as exclusive access to many of my videos and articles!

Have any questions about the zero waste movement? Please reach out to me! Want to see a Patreon exclusive post or video on a certain topic? Please feel free to suggest one!
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