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About Zeta

Hello, I'm Zeta of ZetaPlays. I mostly make Let's Plays, but I also occasionally make music, most often chiptune. I also made a really crappy game, and more to the name, the Wheel of Crap by which I choose my games I play at random. I've been on a quest to play all NES, GENESIS and SNES games since May 2008, and will continue until every single game has been played. But that's not what this patreon is about! That stuff's gonna exist either way.

The primary focus of this patreon is an idea I've had for a long time now, that I hope to do someday. I call it THE GREAT LET'S PLAY EXPEDITION. It will be a journey across the country to meet up with fellow gamers I've come to know on the internet and will never otherwise meet (and maybe some more well known people too if they'd like in on the adventure when it happens!), to hang out with them a bit, and play their favorite multiplayer game. I'll record it all in bursts, the trip, the hanging out, and the games I play with each person, and then bring it all back to the internet to share the adventure with everyone.

I'm already set to do this, except for one pesky detail: I've got a shitty full time job that destroys me, and while I'm reliant on it for money, I'm not exactly looking to lose it.

But that's where this patreon comes in! If I manage to net enough golds that this can support me, I will quit my job entirely and begin plans to set the adventure in motion immediately. On top of that, having more free time would mean more frequent and predictable streams, more creative output that has otherwise been fizzled out by work (meaning more macots for the wheel and more music and such), more time to play games with people online, all sorts of more and better Zeta experiences all around!

But even in the much more likely scenario where we don't come anywhere near that amount, the money acquired from this patreon will still be of significant help to the expedition in the future! Someday, I'll likely end up quitting or losing my job anyway, though it will likely be years from now, and the money I get from this will be saved up until that time - ensuring that when it does happen, I'll have the cash I need to go on the adventure before having to look for another. I'm gonna make it happen one way or another! It would just be a far superior experience for everyone if we manage to make miracles happen - not to mention, we could do it more than once, we could even make it a yearly thing, or smaller and more frequent trips instead of just one giant megatrip!

If you think this sounds as awesome as me, help support yet another insane quest in the history of ZetaPlays.

Also, if you have any ideas for other milestones or rewards or something that won't break the anti-trust of 100% free content for all, let me know!  I'll consider adding other stuff.

After the jumpstarted first 48 hours, I have come to represent our progress with the Star Pieces of Mario RPG.  Help me reach for the stars, and open the Star Road that will take me to distant lands!  As the milestones say, everyone who helped reach a star will be immortalized within it.  I'll be working on this flash over time.

$174.15 of $250 per month
With each star piece, we come closer to a completed Star Road.  If we manage to get all 7, the road will be open for Zeta to warp to far off lands!
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