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      About Zheph Skyre: Book 1 Fire

      I have been creating a web comic series called "Zheph Skyre" by myself for about ten years, but I have found that it has been difficult for me to create this series on my own in this format considering how much I have planned for its entirety. I have decided to publish this series as a written book instead, which will take ten books to tell. I will still continue to create the web comic series as I write the novel series, but for now it will only be updated at a more comfortable pace.

      I am considering to possibly self publish this book or to publish it with one of three companies that have accepted my book. Either way, it will cost me a sufficient amount of money to publish this book. I will require the sum of about $3000 to begin publishing this book. If I am capable of publishing before receiving that sum, than I most assuredly will publish it.

      The book begins with the main character, Zheph, constantly on the run from bandits, knights and the townsfolk of the city they live in. He fights against a mercenary named Jahovac and uses the weapons he invented to defeat all of his foes. That night, he visits his only friend, a Gothic princess named Vanessa, who tells him of her dream of a monster attacking the city. The very next day, after Zheph gets into trouble again and Vanessa manages to save him, a dragon attacks the city with a horde of orcs and escapes with the princess. After that, Zheph works on his latest invention, a mechanical bodysuit, in order to save Vanessa. After a short test run with it, he realizes he is no match for the dragon still. So Zheph looks into magic and manages to turn his armor into a living sphinx. From there, Zheph embarks on his quest, facing against swamp rats, a leviathan and moon cats along the way. As Zheph travels, he discovers amazing magical abilities his creation is capable of. Zheph manages to defeat the dragon and return home with Vanessa, but he embarks on a new journey shortly after.

      Zheph is a fourteen year old boy who was raised by two very intelligent parents along with a sister and a baby brother. After they mysteriously disappeared, Zheph is left on the streets. As a young boy, he made friends with street urchins and created a gang in order to steal in order to survive. Zheph decides to change his ways after meeting Vanessa in person one fateful day. The gang doesn’t take too well to his desire to quit as he had provided all of the tools the bandits needed, and they try to hunt him down. The knights of the city also try to capture Zheph after a duke’s son had fallen to his death out of Vanessa’s bedroom window. He spends his days mostly to himself, tinkering on various gadgets to survive.

      Vanessa is a seventeen year old princess who is the middle child of three daughters. Unlike her father and sisters, she dresses in darker attire that leaves everyone on edge. However, compared to most of her family, she is the more compassionate and capable individual. Vanessa has felt trapped in the castle for all of her life, but she is determined to one day leave with Zheph and the only family member who is kind to her, her mother.

      This is a series I have been passionate about creating for a good majority of my life. I appropriate any assistance you can provide, even if it is merely sharing this page with others.
      $0 of $2,000 per month
      If I can reach this end goal, I can publish the book and have it available for everyone.
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