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Hello, there! For those who don't know me, my name is Živko Kondić, I go by Zhillustrator and I am an illustrator from Novi Sad, Serbia, specialized in imaginative and surreal SFF art and abstract mixed media illustration. You can see my artwork at http://www.zhillustrator.com

What is Patreon?

Patreon is a website that allows fans of creators to directly support their favorite creators by recurring donations via PayPal or card. In return (in my case), rewards are given via patron-only posts. Number of posts and images you get is determined by your tier. Bigger the tier, more things are and will become available to you! This is a recent switch, so more and more things will get posted.

I have been on Patreon for two years now. This was a big leap and a great start of my journey to become an artist living off personal art and commissions after several years of working in-house for a few startups. It's demanding, but also very fulfilling and rewarding. I've been making much more art and enjoying the process immensely. Your Patreon pledges go directly into my life savings and expenses(rent and bills), better equipment to improve my workflow, tools and software. In the end, some of it will be returned to you via free prints, discounts for prints, giveaways, gifts etc.

What do you get?

My rewards are plenty and not fixed, they are always growing, expanding as I am finding ways to include and attract more people.

IMPORTANT NOTE: I am an artist that uses many different software, so if you're a supporter who is on Patreon to get files and PSD, which is a legit goal tbh, you might be dissapointed, as I use ClipStudio, Artrage and others more than Photoshop usually.

Bigger, nicer images - You will get bigger versions of my images in several sizes, without Patreon watermarks. Higher tiers will occasionaly get a 4k image drop!

Etsy discounts - All my patrons, no matter the tier level, are eligible for 20% off in my Etsy store at www.etsy.com/shop/zhillustrator, each month I will post a coupon code as a patron-only post. If you're a patron at $25 and more, contact me for a custom 30% off coupon for any print.

Assets and process images - You will get any alpha versions of any products that I am making for free. If you are into making digital art, you will get a selection of process imager and source files, scaled down a little bit, GIFs and maybe a video sometimes, to get some insight on how I go about doing things.

Physical prints are offered as a sign-up bonus for most higher tiers! When I reach a certain pledge goal I will be giving you physical prints every month, as an artist trading card, postcard or larger.

All first time patrons additionaly get some extra stuff as a thank you, including physical prints on sign up! Also, from time to time I give patrons bonus files from earlier, increase the rewards, all the nice things!

I give you my sincerest thank you for your support!

Where else to find me?
Website | Artstation | Facebook | Instagram | TwitterTwitch
$263 of $350 per month
Physical rewards for lower tier patrons getting back! At this point I will reinstate monthly Art Cards for $5+ patrons!

$350 is a bit more than minimum wage here in Serbia and can cover rent, bills and some basic needs if the month is bad work-wise. This will enable more streams!
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