ZhivGaming is creating Safe Whitelisted Game Servers

Special In-game item.

$5 /mo
Well the rust server map gets wiped once a month.  So to say thanks for that, every month, I'll give you a bonus amount of items, as well as an admin-only item (like a recycler/car) for your use.


$20 /mo
At this donation level, you'll be able to moderate the Discord and servers.  You'll be able to kick people, as well as ban them.  At this level, you'll be helping me a whole heap, and as that rewar...

Patreon Crate

$40 /mo
Now we are getting into the nifty stuff.   Each month I'll curate something unique and special for everyone at this level.  It'll be funky, cute, weird, or just plain silly.  But it'll be a limited...