Ziggeraut Prime is creating Tabletop Game and Webcomic

$1 /mo
Monthly Wallpaper - On the first of every month get front row seats to the best shot of ZP Violence. Digitally rendered to be SFW, get the highlight of the month from all the battles.

$5 /mo
Sketches and Designs - Upcoming big shots on ZP are easy to predict with A.I. probability (AKA FutureVision) software. Get early shots of them sitting around before they appear in the show. Scout o...

$10 /mo
Early Access to Comic Pages - We always have highlights reels ready before they hit network. Want to win bets against your friends or just spoil the show? Well nows your chance, we'll put all the f...

$15 /mo
Monthly Personal Comic Livestream - Ever wonder how the show is made? No? Well now you CAN know AND tell your friends who also aren't wondering. Plus the ViewerGeneratorX is a really friendly A.I. ...

$25 /mo
Monthly Battle with the Dev Team - Do you watch so much ZP that you know all the battle tactics? Familiar with terrain and weapons? Sure you'd be a deadly warlord but still want your freedom? We'll...

$50 /mo
Custom Murder Unit Designs - Want your ideal murder digitally rendered in ZP? it'll looks so real that you can literally bio-print it to life with enough processor power. Plus, since they are not t...

$100 /mo
Your Murder is Canon and a Premade - Have enough money to pay to be a star? Well congratulations! You are guaranteed a spot on the highlight reel every month. Though... we can't guarantee something...