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About ZiNc

Hello! I'm ZiNc, creator and maintainer for Elemental, a powerful moderation and utility tool for Discord.

About Elemental

Elemental is a customizable Discord bot offering a variety of commands for moderation, informational utilities, and role management. Built on JavaScript with over 13,000 lines of code powering the functions offered, Elemental runs smoothly around the clock to bring a vast array of commands and functions to your servers.

Patron Rewards (VIP)

Becoming a Patron with Elemental not only helps to support the project's expansion in a huge way, but it also gets you some sweet perks! These perks are listed briefly on the right side under each Patron tier - but more specifically, you get access to some unique functionality within Elemental, on your servers!

These unique, powerful functions currently include:

+alias - Allows for creating command aliases for use on the server
+antiraid - Enables / disables adjustably to automatically remove members involved in raid behavior
+autochannel - Manages automated voice channels
+economy- Manages server economy settings
+giveaway - Creates and manages giveaways in the server
+linkaccess - Manages voice and text channels with linked access
+remindme - Creates timed reminders
+vote - Creates and manages votes and polls in the server

VIP Status Process and Length

VIP status is awarded per-server, and Elemental Patrons are welcome and encouraged to request VIP on any server that they own or corporately administrate.

Any server you maintain a position of ownership or corporate administration within may hold VIP forever, until you no longer hold one or both of those positions. Even if you are no longer an Elemental Patron, VIP status will not be removed unless the once-Patron steps down from one of those positions.

To request VIP status for a server after becoming a Patron, simply join Elemental's server and request it in the support channel or via DM to myself (ZiNc#2032)!
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When Elemental has at least 15 patrons:
  • Elemental's moderation and utility functionality will be able to expand immensely

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