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About Zion - an investigation

What is Zionism?

A project of national liberation? A murky agenda of elitist financiers? A colonial ideology? A new religion?

The internet is full of confusing--and confused--misinformation about what Zionism is, what it isn't, and who 'Zionists' are.

Even for those of us who have studied it, lived it and breathed it, the true history of Israel and its founding ideology is often not what we think.

In this series, I have frank, in-depth conversations with some of the most informed, educated, and insightful knowledge-brokers of Zionism, Middle East studies, and Jewish and Israeli history. These include fellow academics, prize-winning journalists, civil servants, survivors, and activists. Through them, I bring you the clearest, most well-researched information possible.

Ultimately, I want to develop this growing archive of exclusive material into a feature-length, compelling documentary.

My goal is to help folks of all persuasions and backgrounds--from students, to faith-based communities, to everyday news consumers--see the Israeli-Arab conflict, and the history of both Jews' and others' ethnonational movements, with fresh eyes. 

If you're remotely interested in this topic--or just want more, high-quality information on Zionism available to a wider audience--please support my work.

You'll be charged an automatic donation only when I release new material (i.e., per creation, not per month). You can also set monthly maximums so you will never pay more than you want.

As my Patron, you'll help make this knowledge available to the whole world, in captivating audio and video, for everyone to see and hear, in perpetuity.

It's a worthwhile cause, with a positive educational legacy.  

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Jordan Levine


About myself:

I'm a Canadian videographer with a PhD in applied anthropology, a Master's degree in Middle East studies, and a Bachelor's degree in international relations. I am neither fanatically pro- nor anti-Zionist. I am, however, a passionate student of history, and concerned about pursuing the truth as best we can understand it.

This project is an ongoing investigation with great personal meaning to me, both because of my own history, and that of my extended family and friends, Jewish, Muslim, Christian and Druze. I do not know the answers to my questions
a priori: I am doing this primarily to learn, and I invite you to join me on the journey!

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to reach out on twitter (@transliminal) or email (transliminalmedia [at] gmail [dot] com).

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$1000 of support per creation will enable me to begin putting aside savings to eventually turn the investigative series into a full-fledged documentary, with you--my patrons--as co-producers.
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