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Yo, my ninjaz!

My name Is Zip.
I draw

Things like:
Original Characters
Fan Art
& Comics

                                                        My comic Crimson Blade

        It’s just this Sci Fi/Fantasy universe, that I started a long ass time ago, and has evolved through unfiltered imagination and creativity with Amazing and creative friends. In one way or another, folks in my life have influenced Crimson Blade (That’s the name of the comic BTW). Some of the happiest moments in my life is throwing ideas back and forth about the Crimson Blade Universe, with close friends. 

          Crimson Blade has gone through “phases”, and evolved a lot, but I’ve always drawn a version of the Crimson Blade, of Carlos, and of the Supernova crew. It started with drawing myself as a superhero, when I was, as my G-mama called me, a "pinche huerco" ("f**king kid" in Spanish). Then I started drawing my cousins, and friends as characters too. As I matured, so did my Characters, and the Universe itself. My influences growing up were X-men, Dragon Ball (Spanish Dub Dragon Ball, Is dope BTW.), Power Rangers, 90s Image Comics, Farscape, Brave Star, Gunsmith Cats, FLCL, Heavy Metal Magazine, Anime I wasn’t allowed to see, and a whole lot of other things, I’m sure. Then while in college, I started seriously writing the first “Episode”, with the help from two friends I met on Deviantart.

          Crimson Blade is free to read online, but if you want to support my work, check out the rewards on the right. I’ve put together some nice reward packs, but even if you just give $1 you get a access to Crimson Blade pages without the watermark, works in progress, behind the scenes look at concept sketches, and page layouts. As well as the chance to vote on what pieces I do next, be it Crimson Blade covers,  Origin short stories, or Fanart pinups. 

Thank you for your consideration!

You can follow me on these various social medias too:
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 13 exclusive posts

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