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About Zippy Frames

Zippy Frames was launched in September 2011, with one very specific aim in mind: to promote European and US/Australasian independent animation worldwide, a severely under-represented area in film and animation journalism. 7 years later, we now have more than 2,600 articles in our Zippy Frames database, and a wide international exposure. Still, this is a personal and group effort that needs to get its full support in order to sustain itself and expand.

Here's just one glimpse of the areas we cover:
  • Instant news coverage
  • thorough animation film reviews
  • comprehensive and updated animation festival coverage
  • interviews with independent animation filmmakers
  • short films and projects in production
  • awards
  • co-production opportunities
  • academics and animation (conferences, symposia etc.) 
We are proud of our visibility, but we need your help to continue in a high-spirited manner, always up-to-date, and employing the utmost level of professionalism in what we do.

Zippy Frames is one of the fine online resources on European and Independent Animation;  our support will help sustain the efforts of our team, and give us more time and energy to develop what we know how to do best -and we are grateful for that.

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Vassilis Kroustallis - Head Editor
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If we ever achieve this, that would really mean a lot to our Zippy Frames effort. We'll be able to work with a bigger team, attend all big events, present new web features and sections, and become more updated and relevant than ever. Let's discuss all these in due time.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 5 exclusive posts

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