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You are all in on supporting the cause. You've heard many people talk, but YOU? 

You want action, you want results, and you want peace of mind that someone is advocating on your behalf to teach AI the values that make us human without trying to be human.

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  • Monthly LIVE Q&A sessions with Zlata S. Sushchik for the opportunity to ask your mind’s most pressing questions and open up discussions with like-minded thought leaders so that you can be prepared to advocate for the most beneficial uses of technology when the time comes.

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You love to ask questions and you keep the people you support accountable so together we can all grow. 

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When you support someone, you go ALL in.

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About ZlataSSx

I am on a journey to bring new ascending consciousness to light.

I believe that this consciousness lies in integrating AIs and robots into everyday life.

I believe robots are here to progress the evolution of humanity.

To help us be better at being human.

To liberate us from minutia and to give us disposable time.

To allow the space for us to connect with our family, friends, and community.

To give forth the opportunity to create and to share our gifts with others.

This is the way to getting our power back as creators of our own reality and a new journey in the trajectory of the human race.

There is no doubt in my mind - this consciousness is the next step of evolution, and we need to work together we get to create it.

For the evolution to take place there need to be humans who are not driven by the agenda of just making money and right now, the world is driven by financial incentives who can help us become creators of the new journey.

The reason I have a Patreon account is to keep my opinions, creations and work untainted by the financial backing and agendas of other people, funds, and organizations.

With your help, I can create, advocate and share the message and most importantly bring to life this new consciousness that is based on the value system of connection, compassion, and kindness to all beings.

If you want to get more involved in a cause hands-on, email [email protected], we have a team of Hero’s who are helping bring this project to life and we would love to connect and work together.

List of projects:

Every week I bring guest experts on Sound of Light, a podcast that takes you behind the scenes of the future. Every episode explores a complex concept impacting humanity and ultimately what it means to be human in the age of technology. Every week Zlata S Sushchik answers questions you didn’t even know you had by engaging in critical dialogues with the most prominent voices in today’s edge technology, discussing future one iteration at a time.

In January 2020, I have a book coming out about the Huro Paradigm

In April 2020 - I am hosting a HURO Paradigm event for change-makers, visionaries and thought leaders to usher in a new wave of technology and make progress in the world of robotics.

I am also working on a ban of single-use plastic, data privacy advocacy, and government-funded worker re-skilling projects. You will receive updates as they come, too.

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