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I create games, tools that help people make games, and tools that keep people safe while they make games.

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Milestone Goals
Fully Self-Sustained!
$5,000 per month
Woo! I can focus on creating non-commercial work while fueling my nasty food-and-rent habits and still having money to pay those nasty freelancer taxes.
Second Antholojam Installment!
$6,000 per month
If I hit this goal, I can run another version of Antholojam, on another cool theme!
Translation of Crash Override Guides
$7,000 per month
I can start paying translators to translate the guides we have into other languages.


I'm an award-winning game developer, writer, activist, and comedian. I have 99 problems and being a decaying organism aware of it's own mortality is one.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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