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I create games, tools that help people make games, and tools that keep people safe while they make games.

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Milestone Goals
Fully Self-Sustained!
$5,000 per month
Woo! I can focus on creating non-commercial work while fueling my nasty food-and-rent habits and still having money to pay those nasty freelancer taxes.
Second Antholojam Installment!
$6,000 per month
If I hit this goal, I can run another version of Antholojam, on another cool theme!
Translation of Crash Override Guides
$7,000 per month
I can start paying translators to translate the guides we have into other languages.


I'm an award-winning game developer, writer, activist, and comedian. I have 99 problems and being a decaying organism aware of it's own mortality is one.


Los Angeles, CA, USA

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Hi, I’m Zoe Quinn. I make a lot of free stuff for the web that can’t otherwise be fit into a single category. Sometimes it’s games like Depression Quest or Waiting For Godot: The Game. Sometimes it’s tools to help people make their own games like Sortingh.at or GamesAreForEveryone.com. Sometimes I run game jams and community projects like Antholojam. Sometimes it’s crisis hotlines that involve stopping SWATings and advocating to Congress for an open but safer web like with Crash Override Network. Sometimes it’s writing pieces on cybernetics, developing artisanal tamagotchis, or making free chrome extensions like the Ferenginizer.

There’s a lot more, but you get the point. Thing is, this is a very hard thing to monetize. What do you do when you make things that need to be free? There’s too many things in too many directions to attempt to crowdfund each and every one of them, so rather than be project-specific, this Patreon is my central hub for being able to continue doing things like this.

Why Should You Back Me?

I don’t want to charge for the art I make or the tools I create. I don’t want to put a paywall up and restrict access to only those who can afford it. 

So I’m asking the community to pay me what they think I’m worth.

I believe in the work I do, and I believe it’s important. I think it’s important enough to keep trying to do it for free, to make it accessible, and to keep fighting for an open and welcoming web. This is my full-time job, and it costs a lot to keep up. The bigger my patreon gets, the more resources I have to run projects out of pocket that cost quite a bit, like Antholojam, Crash Override Network guides, or local game dev events.

So, if you believe in that work too, and you like what I’ve made so far, please consider supporting my efforts on here, or making a one-time contribution here.

Thanks so much!
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