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•Access to regularly occurring patron-only web concerts. I'll take suggestions for requests in advance of the concerts and sometimes have awesome guest artists! 

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About Zoë Ravenwood

Hi Patreon people! 

I’m a full time musician presently working on my second full length album, called ‘Welcome To The World’, as well as several smaller releases and side projects I'll be announcing later this year. 'Welcome To The World' features collaborations with one of my favorite bands, The Crane Wives, and a duet with Australian alt-country and Americana artist Lachlan Bryan of Lachlan Bryan & The Wildes.

On the side I'm also a sound engineer, writer, and aspiring podcaster; so expect to find articles and episodes with additional content for patrons here in addition to my musical efforts as I get these things out into the world.  

if you’re a Patreon user you already likely realize being a professional indie musician is a financially challenging thing to do; increasingly so as streaming services overtake direct music sales. People have long been encouraging me to start a Patreon page to help in funding my music projects, allowing for the capacity to afford to create more frequent single-track and EP releases in between my full album releases, funding the upfront costs of more frequent and wider-ranging touring, and funding music video content. Things like food and health care (I’ve got chronic health issues I have to manage) during the off times in between tours and new releases are also pretty great.

So here we are! Your support here allows for all that! Patrons will get access to a bunch of fun stuff only available to my patrons, and most importantly: early access to all future music, music video, and podcast releases before they'll be available to the general public.

Instead of restricting certain patron reward content to certain tier levels I’ve currently gone with the approach that you all will get full access to my patron-only content at every level of support, so you can freely pick whichever of the tier levels that feels most appropriate and financially comfortable for you. Your support means a lot to me at any level, and makes a substantial difference in being able to sustainably do what I do! 

Thanks for checking out my Patreon page, and for your interest in and support of my music! For more information on my music please check out my website www.zoeravenwood.com

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