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You have accepted Ramona's magic and wisdom; opening your mind...

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  • A quarterly zine to download and print for yourself as a thank you for stopping by Ramona's door once in a while
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A Skeleton Key

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This skeleton key unlocks access to Ramona's library and apothecary...

Get involved in the story and let me know your suggestions.

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  • A monthly colouring page
  • A quarterly zine to download and print off for yourself
  • Access to the patron only feed; behind the scenes access
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  • My eternal gratitude
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You are helping Ramona so much with her spellcasting, she has accepted you as her apprentice...

Get involved in the story and let me know your suggestions.

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  • On your third month's pledge some thank you goodies in the post
  • A monthly downloadable oracle card for you to print and keep
  • Access to exclusive videos of my work process
  • A monthly colouring page
  • Access to the patron only feed; behind the scenes access
  • A quarterly zine to download and print off for yourself
  • Access to magic school
  • Password to access the secret library
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  • My eternal gratitude
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  • Digital downloads
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About Zoe Sadler Ink

There isn’t any need to ponder,

There is a library to unlock.
It is time to whip up some wonder,
There’s a magic potion to concoct.
Help Ramona with her alchemy,
Be sure she'll send you a remedy.

Enchant and cast your own little spell,
Colour-in and wait for the next page.
No need for the witch to compel,
For she is a rare talented mage.
Assist Ramona with her spell casting,
And bring to life something everlasting.

Ramona Alberta Spellcaster is a witch; who is a very talented apothecary and a potions whizz! She lives in her tower with her cat, Alchemy, nestled on the highest bluff in the most remote corner of the island of Secrenesia. Ramona's tower is piled high with spell books and filled to the brim with the potions she concocts.


Occasionally a stranger will seek Ramona out for a special remedy or potion and once a month she travels to the local town of Curio where she takes her spells and potions to market. She is also a regular at the mysterious and dangerous Shadow market. On her return Ramona seeks out and helps magical creatures and forages for the rare ingredients and herbs she needs to create her spells and potions.

So join me in bringing Ramona's magical adventure to life. Have a hand in guiding her story and concocting possible stories and sub plots. Let's just see where the story takes us? All the illustrations I create will have a story threaded through them, intricately woven settings, magical creatures, elaborate potions, magic and wonder. Join me in Ramona's mis-steps, failures, successes and more. There is also a monthly gift up for grabs for my favourite suggestion.

I will be creating a mixture of colouring-in sheets and full colour artwork which will hopefully eventually lead me to creating a book based on Ramona's magical adventures. I am thinking of it as an online interactive storybook a bit like the 'Choose Your Own Adventure' or 'Secret Path' books. Ultimately, my Patrons are collaborating with me, to create something magical and wonderful, we can all enjoy creating together.

***NEW FOR 2021***
Also introducing the 'Art of Alchemy' where Ramona forages for the ingredients she needs to create her own pigments and make her own ink and paint. Look out for the recipes she records in her grimoire!

About me
"Once upon a time there was a girl and one day she picked up a pen and a pot of ink..."

A huge, smiley inky fingered hello from me! My name is Zoe Sadler and I am a freelance illustrator and children's book author living in the UK. I actually live on a small island at the very bottom of England. I spend most of my time in my garden studio, mostly wiping up spilled ink which does occasionally makes it onto the page and turn into something beautiful and hopefully magical!


If you love the sea, island life with a little bit of fairytale magic thrown in for good measure then you are in the right place. I love drawing fairytales, fantasy and anything magical and fantastical. You can find out more about me and my illustration work and books at www.zoesadler.com.

You can also sign up to my monthly newsletter  here where you will find some more fun free stuff!

So what is Patreon?

Patreon is a way for you to join your favourite creators communities and support them on their creative journeys- in my case to help me create my storybooks and colouring sheets and of course anything that gives me a good excuse to splash some ink around.

As a patron you can pledge any amount you like each month and in return I will reward you with items from the corresponding reward tier. You can change or cancel your pledge amount at anytime.

You can find out more about Patreon  here.

Most importantly, what's in it for you?


I really don't believe in you giving me something for nothing; so in return for your pledges and support I will reward you with lots of exciting exclusive online content. Such as colouring-in sheets and collectible images to download. A first look at my ideas, sketches and artwork as well as insights into my work process and online tutorials. I'll also be creating physical artwork in the form of cards, limited edition prints and original art for the higher tier rewards.

The more support I have from you all, the more exciting my rewards can become and I can offer you more and more exclusive and limited edition goodies. This will also allow me to start creating even more content and videos for you too. The potential of it all is very exciting. I really want to create a space here that is wonderful and filled with magical art for you all.

Note on tiers & rewards

Please note my page is constantly evolving so for this reason tiers, just like magic, may appear or disappear or be adjusted. I will however let you know of any changes so you can adjust your pledges accordingly, if you feel the need.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read this and a huge inky thank you for all those who are willing to support me and help me on my creative journey.

$194.04 of $382.09 per month
This is amazing! I am so delighted you are all still with me!

As a thank you to all my patrons when I reach this goal...

I will be creating a collectable, limited edition pin badge which will be sent to all my patrons in the skeleton key and above tiers (while stocks last). So fee free to adjust your pledge when I offer it. So you can subscribe to receive one.
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