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Welcome to Zoobru!
ZOOBRU…This channel is different from all others because here you get a unique experience, an out of the box, uncaged, one of a kind experience think of it as a Safari rather than a ZOO, Bru!. ZooBru is a crazy character with a large cool Afro, he always wears his shutter sunglasses, so he can see you better, my child! It helps him and reminds him, that the world is a lot like a zoo!, and that there are very interesting things and creatures, both big and small to be discovered all the time. Our minds are caged, captured or enslaved. If you want to see things differently, or if you want to see amazing things, things uncaged, may be exposed or revealed, then free your mind and subscribe to this channel, for you are to embark on a journey with ZOOBRU. Here we will Make em laugh; make em cry, and then we will make em a Bru, in this crazy place we call ZOO!
The world is a ZOO!, Bru…check out his YouTube channel.

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