Ohaeri is creating written fantasy and fractal art

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Choose this setting if you enjoyed my content enough to get me a coffee each month! The coffee will go to my loving wife, but since I'm always buying it for her anyway, it will be greatly appreciated.


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Select this tier if you like my stuff enough to want to help me create even more of it. You'll also gain access to occasional fractal art pieces that I make while I'm writing. If you like the cover...


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Wow, you really like my writing and art. So have more of it! This tier gains you access to random shorts unrelated or tangentially related to the main story, plus rewards from previous tiers.


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You seem to like my writing a lot, so I'm willing to help you with yours. Get this tier to get one piece of up to 3,000 words discussed in-depth and critiqued. You can also ask to only know the goo...