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About Josh

Zothera is a world of conflict. Wracked by wars between city-states and tribes. Guilds either are holding civilization together or manipulating everything depending on your views.
Magic flows from many sources and has mixed with technology in strange ways spurred on by gnoblin artificers and their strange contraptions. Shamans learn to work with the energies of nature and the elemental planes to help protect their communities while mages bend these forces to their will. Warlocks bind demons of the void to their service while inquisitors allow the foul energy of the void to empower them to rid the world of demonic taint.

The greatest cities are built by minotaur craftspeople with their uncanny ability to visualize architecture. The metals and stones needed to power the ever moving machinery of gnoblin and minotaur projects are produced by in large by the dwarves from their mountain clans. These two cultures often clash with each other over past wrongs but often any more those clashes are financial rather than physical with each trying to work over the other with punitive contracts.

Trade runs on the backs of orc tribes whose traveling herds reach all corners of the world. Each tribe is known for the kinds of beasts they trade in and are known to set up markets around every town they pass to trade and mend. Towns trade fairly most of the time because they remember back to the times when the orcs would raid their towns. It was the elves who started the traditions of giving gifts to the wandering orcs which eventually turned into the modern trading caravans of today. From time to time poorly performing or angry chieftains will come together and form a hoard that leaves devastation in it's wake but most orcs see this as bad for business.

Where elves were once the arbitrators of law across the world with citadels now crumbling, humans have taken up that charge, integrating into most other societies with ease which is surprising given how xenophobic their two major cities are. The spread of humanity has also seen the spread of a new religion worshiping the valkyrie of the Crystal City spurred on by wandering priests with their healing and protection and palancars with their swords and guns. The elves have two remaining cities, Sun and Moon, while most elves live either in small tribes in woods across Zothera or on ships and islands with the greatest trading fleet in the world.

Though magic can do wonders to preserve life, all eventually die but that does not mean it is the end. The plague that was the Windego Queen's Legion has been pushed back to the frozen south but they left behind the vampire lords who now control the Chorus of free undead. Many have begun choosing being turned rather than a final death and the Chorus' numbers are steadily growing. Using the magic that sustains them the Chorus created the deathwalkers to defend them from all others but the Windego Queen especially. These are mortal beings with the magic of the grave running through their icy veins.

Though a time of peace has finally descended on Zothera it is certain not to last as tensions between the different species, guilds, cities, and tribes grow there are threats from beyond the world as well, The Dreaming is slowly being twisted which is starting to twist reality itself. Things from the Void are leaking onto Zothera because of the thinning of that wall. The lords of the elemental planes of blood, sap, lightning, and metal are all eyeing the mortal realm as the place to finally determine who is greatest among them. The demons of the Darkness hunger to pull yet another world into their clutches while the Crystal City watches all and is slowly judging if life on Zothera can be saved or if it should be cleansed to keep it from falling to Darkness.

Zothera is a setting I am creating for Pathfinder second edition. I will be posting articles about the world, new ancestries, heritages, classes,  monsters, and traps, as well as adventures. If you follow along with me on this journey you will recieve this stuff first before it becomes available to the public as well as having access to a community discord where we can discuss ideas together. 
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