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to my beta courses and other content.
Training The Next Generation of Videographers and Content Creators.

The new platform is up and running with master course from all the success we had in the beta lessons. Thank you for participating in those lessons. If you would like to bypass Patreon and get access to my new platform and all the new education courses I offer. Please visit this link here: https://www.ztfilmsacademy.com/registration-page

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Who can benefit from these training courses?
The content and lessons I share here on Patreon are all in beta. This content and lessons are ideal for beginners to experienced Videographers/Content Creators who are working with video. I have been creating video content for myself and thousands of big/small brands for over a decade. I'm using Patreon to provide my ideas and strategies through beta testing content for those who wish to learn new techniques for creating video content that stands out in a professional way. Through this beta testing I have developed a friendly yet extremely detailed approach to working with video to achieve break-through learning experiences.   

Who am I?
I am an elite videographer with over a decade of experience in creating YouTube, Commercial and Brand videos, who has been hand-selected as a Glidecam Master Operator by Glidecam Industries.Inc ( visit the Glidecam Masters page). I have been using the Glidecam Camera Stabilizer since I started my career and I have not stopped using it.

My Goal is to offer continued support on creating professional creative videos.

THANK YOU for continuing to spread the word about all the exciting teachings we are doing together.

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