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Wheel Dog
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Thank you for your support! The wheel dogs provide the raw power needed to pull the sled. The team couldn't get going without them.

At this tier, you will recieve:

-Access to work in progress photos - this includes sneak peeks of projects, special looks at any research & development of new techniques, and WIP photos that I typically only share with clients

-Early access to purchases of original paintings, masks, and limited merch orders

-If $30 webcam goal is reached: Access to streams of me working in real time! All streams will be announced on patreon so turn on notifications if you want to catch them. Chat features enabled!

Team Dog
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Thank you for your support! The team dogs provide additional power and speed to the team. The more team dogs there are, the less each dog has to pull, and the further/faster the team as a whole can go.

At this tier, you will receive: 

-All rewards from the Wheel Dog tier

-Mini tutorials: as I work and discover something useful, I will publish how I did it!

-If $30 webcam goal is reached: Time lapse videos of me working from my streams

Swing Dog
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 Thank you for your support! The swing dogs are right behind the leaders. They help the lead dogs turn the team gee or haw, and provide morale for the lead dogs.

At this tier, you will receive:  

-All rewards from the Team Dog tier

-Monthly etsy coupon that works in both my artwork and costume shops - could be a percentage off, free shipping, or buy one get one free!

-If $30 webcam goal is reached: In depth video tutorials, showing more detail of process than the mini tutorials



About Melissa Mendelson Art


My name is Melissa Mendelson, I am a young artist creating paintings, prints, and costumes. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Kent State University in 2018 and am currently building my portfolio under my business Melissa Mendelson Art.

Why Patreon?

I love creating and making content to share with everyone, but without funding I can't justify dedicating myself to my artwork as much as I would like to. My normal content and work in progress photos will never be gated behind Patreon payment, but by donating you will get access to a lot of behind the scenes content! I wouldn't be able to create this content without the funding, so it is exclusive to supporters.

What will you see here?

I received a BFA in Painting and Printmaking, but I love creating fantasy, wildlife, and fanart illustrations in watercolor and linocut. Starting in 2017 I have started to delve deep into costume making as well, something that has interested me since a young age. I have found that I deeply enjoy creating highly detailed creature costumes, and I am beyond excited that I have become part of an amazing community of creative people through this.

A large part of my life also involves mushing - training, running, and racing Alaskan huskies. They have defined my life since I first took an interest in the sport over 10 years ago. You will see them in a huge percentage of my artwork, since I live and race with them!

Thank you!

Regardless of whether you are a patron or not, thank you so much for stopping by and taking a look! Keep creating!

Want to support me but can't financially? I am on these social media sites! Any and all support is appreciated, no matter how small!

Interested in purchasing a piece of artwork instead? Here's my store!

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