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Cookie Jar / Exclusive sketches

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Thank you for your kindness, I'm incredibly grateful for your support!
  • You get access to exclusive, Patreon only sketches, that I'll try to make as often as I can.
  • You can participate in a monthly Q&A

Finished pictures / comic pages

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  • All previous rewards
  • You'll be able to suggest sketch ideas you'd like to see from me
  • Access to high resolution finished pictures and comic pages ONE MONTH ahead before they become public.

WIP pictures / Private Streams / Discord

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  • All previous rewards.
  • Access to sketch quality works and WIPs for all of my pictures and comic pages. Before I start inking and coloring, you can check the sketches.
  • Private Streams about Patreon exclusive contents. 
  • Access to "Zummeng's Art Tavern" Discord server
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About Zummeng

Welcome to my Patreon!

Most of our Patreon content is aimed toward adult audience, so you should check my content only if you are 18+ !!!

Hello! My real name is Viktória, but you can call me Vik or Viki or Zummeng, as you feel like. ^ ^ I’m a freelancer artist who has been doing commissions for a living for many years, but me and my husband decided to concentrate better on personal works in the future. We're here because we want to make our own comics and other fun stuffs, and we could only make it happen with your generous help.

We'll develop and shape our Patreon time to time. Our intention is to expand the content and add more pledge possibilities and attach matching rewards to them. But in the meantime, have fun, and I hope you’ll enjoy your stay :3

What you can get by pledging

- Around 4-8 exclusive sketch per month.
- One month early access to comic pages (four pages per month is guaranteed) and other detailed pictures.
- Sketches, WIP pictures for all Patreon content.
- Exclusive streams.
- PSDs and progression videos about comic pages and all Patreon content.
- Monthly voting for sketches, to which one should be refined.

About the content
We created our Patreon to share our personal interest in the first place, so no commissions can be found here. (However, there might be a few exceptions.)

  • Our main orientations are furry and various anthropomorph creatures. I can draw humans too though. 
  • Themes: science fiction, fantasy, or sometimes real life. These are consider the subjects I’m working in general.
  • My favorite part in the drawing is to create original characters and come up with designs. I usually try to be original but I like fanarts too.
  • I feel at home in safe for work and not safe for work topics too, so you can expect sexual an non sexual contents as well. 

ALL of our works will be upload here on my Patreon first! So by pledging, you can see all our works first, and get access to extra contents about them. So if you're eager to see what we're working on at the moment, and you want to help us to be able to make our original content, come and support us :D You guys helped us a ton to keep it up so far, we feel so honored! We try to be worthy of your trust.

Some details about the exclusivity in short:
- All time exclusives: PSDs, progress videos, the small exclusice sketches.
- One month exclusivity: Comic pages, monthly vote winners (sometimes other refined pictures too).
- Public/no exclusivity: Pieces that I stream in public, all fanart in general (with one or two exception).

About the comic projects:
Comics are one of our favorite art form, so we're planning to make a lot of them!

You can read our previous and ongoing comics here, just click on them :)

Erotic comics:


Adventure comics:


Our current big projects are:

Erotic comic:
Perfect Fit

Adventure comic:
Tree of Life

I stream these comic for the 10$ tier members in quite random times. So check our Patreon page often for the private links, but I always post them on my Patreon Discord server too.

Here are my accounts where you can find me. :)
Hope you'll enjoy your stay on our Patreon! <3 If you have any question about anything, don't spare us! Our intention is to make things fun and relaxing.
$1,800 - reached! per month
Adventure comic + PSD + AVI

Four pages of action/adventure comic every month (1 page/week), with new and returning characters. We are going to make all kinds of longer comics in various themes, like fantasy, horror, sci-fi. In these comics, there will be a big emphasis on world building and character development.
You'll get AVI progression videos, and later the PSD file of the finished pages.

For links to our previously finished action/adventure comics (like Welcome to New Dawn), check the Patreon description!

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