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Who is Thomas T Edwards?
I'm a 30-something-year-old artist who lives in rural northern England. I studied various forms of Art and Media through school, College and even University. I'm obsessed with cats, dinosaurs, robots and general science things.

Why the name "Zuperbuu Works"?
Way back in 2004 I started up a Deviant-art account under the alias "Zuperbuu", the name I gave to my childhood imaginary friend and more recently my website mascot. The name kind of just stuck with me from website to website, and when it finally came time for me to start self-publishing my books I needed to come up with a name. I didn't want to limit myself to books though, or even just crafts, so I decided "Works" would, well, work!

How'd you start? What else can you tell us?
On deviant-art! I submitted fan-art daily for various fandoms I loved, like Transformers, Final Fantasy, Dragonball, Invader Zim, Samurai Jack and a bunch of other games and shows. Now and again my original work filtered into that pipeline, until 2009 when I stopped submitting my artwork on public websites like Deviant-art.
I started using my website to store and display my work, but even then I rarely showcased it until I deemed it "ready" for public eyes; this usually consisted of me creating the piece, putting it into a "ready for submission" archive and then coming back to it later for submission only to find something wrong with it and scrapping the project entirely. Unfortunately, this is a vicious cycle, one that still happens to this day, and stems from my Myers Briggs INFJ personality type. After years fighting with my perfectionism I have finally started releasing my stories from the vaults of my brain in various mediums. I rarely do fan-art these days, having dedicated most of my youth painting and drawing such things, and have chosen to channel my energy right into what I love doing the most; my original stories.

What kind of art do you do?
I use to dapple in traditional art, then went into full digital, now I do a bit of both!
My personal favourite mediums to work in though these days are traditional ones like pencil, marker pen, and most recently oil painting. You can see a time-lapse video below of me painting some artwork for one of my books.

Here is yet another time-lapse of me doing marker pen artwork for the same book project!

And finally here's a very long video of me doing some traditional line-work and then colouring it on the computer. This video is not a time-lapse!

I aim to produce several series of books, both visual novels and standard written ones, depicting a fantasy world I lived within throughout my childhood. Now in my adult life, I want to bring that world back and share it with everyone. I know that it will not be to everyone's tastes, but so long as I bring a smile to someones face, make them laugh, shed a tear, or any other form of emotional reaction to something a character says or does, then I will be happy. And, perhaps, you will make this same world your own, and spin your own tales from it.

A portion of my visual work is now on a brand new Deviant-art account:
You can buy my books on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, LuLu and the iBook Store. Here are a few links to get you in the right direction:

You can support my continuing work by either purchasing a book, piece of artwork, or by becoming a Patreon.
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Um, this goal is unrealistic, but it would mean that I can focus entirely on doing all the creative work I want to do as a real job that can help me take care of my family.
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