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Early Videos!

$3 /creation
You get to see my videos a week earlier than anyone else! Be part of the Cool Kids Club and get timely releases! I'm aiming to do videos at least once a month, but as this platform grows we may end...

Vote on Content

$5 /creation
Am I missing a critical item that you're dying to know more about? Do you want to come back to a topic? You can help me decide on what to make next with this tier!

Monthly Q&A

$10 /creation
You'll be invited onto a private Discord chat with myself and other people on this tier and we'll shoot the shit for an hour or until 20 questions have passed, whichever comes first! You can Ask Me...

Portfolio Reviews

$30 /creation
I'm actually really excited to help out with this one- In my time at art school, I always HATED portfolio reviews because it's an entirely-subjective reaction to your work, and you really don't get...