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is creating A series of Podcasts with great guests talking about Mistakes.
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About Zuzu's Bakery

My name's Tim Smith, I used to run a small bakery making delicious things. It was named after my daughter, Zuzu - who is very sadly no longer with us. The bakery failed. I'm still going though. So now I write about food, grief, and many other things that happen in life. 

I also produce The Podcast About Mistakes (aka. Don't Do Things the Way I Do). This features fascinating guests and their stories. It also features discussions about what Mistakes are and why t they're not Failures or Errors. 

I need your support ( and let's be honest, your money) to continue podcasting, to launch and maintain a Bread and Baking podcast (so you don't make the mistakes I did) and to produce a regular set of tested recipes for bread, and other dishes that actual real people like you can use.

All of this while I seek work in the real world as I pay a mortgage and the outstanding lease on the bakery.

Right now, the Podcast About Mistakes is up and running and is pretty great.

Beware, there is humour, sadness, insights but absolutely no "Motivational Speaking" or "Inspirational Memes". 

It's a podcast about people and their lives.
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When I reach £1,000 per month, I'll be able eat AND pay the rent on the old bakery AND the mortgage on my house. But seriously, yes, those things but I'll also produce an actual printed version of the recipe book that you can use in the kitchen or have on your shelf. PLUS I'll produce another Podcast just about food. 
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