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About Moritz

Hi my name is Moritz. I write about mobile and haskell and hack on the Glorious Glasgow Haskell Compilation System as well as contribute to various libraries in the Haskell ecosystem.

My focus is on making Haskell a viable option for mobile development. This includes iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi. To that extend I also run where I provide binary distribution of Haskell cross compilers targetting iOS, Android and Raspberry Pi for macOS and linux.

You can follow me on twitter: @angerman_io for everything, @zw3rktech for mostly haskell related tweet or @mobilehaskell for only mobile haskell relevant tweets.

If you'd rather use other means of payment, you can send cryptocurrencies to
BTC: 33DT5eYzT6dnL6Qu4yY6Ru4KjzkAsTQxiX
ETH: 0xC9F22EDfa38125Df32036C4D3ADD243599cb2ce4
LTC: LLDZ2xCnEZsKaL7z88EMVnqNk7oxBH1uiM
BCH: 1PAYqrnPuC9U89jfjY5xmTZPhXHeNSz2Yf
ADA: DdzFFzCqrht3wriFx8EPvapx67Vc9T76LNKLqceTLwsSio4bmp3GAdPJFXEgbnGgUQDYAsf231gfQ4PugamxmWtdGyBqBMvTMtcMn7gz

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