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Tip-jar tier! If you like my stuff and want to toss some coins at me, pledge here and I'll give access to some behind the scenes life and art posts as a small thank-you.
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  • Special previews of merchandise and select adoptables
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For extra special patrons who would like to contribute a little more, and like receiving art in return! Dragons, mythics, dinos, and anthros only. Reference sheet or 1-2 references images needed--ask before you pledge if you aren't sure your character fits these specifications!

Joining this tier includes:

  • All previous tier benefits 
  • Monthly piece of experimental artwork featuring your character! This may be anywhere between a colored bust or a sketchy fullbody, single character only. This will be done digitally and delivered by the end of the month!




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About Zyraxus

Hey sup I'm Zyraxus

I'm a digital illustrator from Texas who is of the opinion that dragons are pretty dang neat. I make it my business to provide high quality character designs for purchase so that anyone, new or old to furry or fantasy fandom, of any skill level, can have a cool dragon or anthro character to participate with.

This has been my main means of supporting myself, but my underlying passion is working toward creating a future sandbox world known as the Realm of Eandarae Dragons or RED for short.

Twitter | Tumblr | Instagram | DA | FA | Picarto | Toyhou.se

I hope to use Patreon to support creative work on this realm which hosts planets of dragons, history, mythos, and mystery. This is where my personal dragon character Zyraxus and his species the Shiothek are from. I'd love to introduce you all to RED--and with your support, I can dedicate time to fleshing out the finer details and refining ideas to a presentable format.

I also hope to build an inventory collectible accessories such as lapel pins and vinyl stickers. Earth needs more cool dragon stuff. I have lots of ideas!

So if you're a design collector, a dragon endorser, or a worldbuilding supporter, this patreon is for you! 

Thanks for coming and checking out my page, y'all are the best.

$300 – reached! per month
With this goal met, I can devote much more of my time to developing the worlds and stories of RED. If we can reach this, I'll be able to take the time to write a detailed outline of the story, timeline of history, and flesh out the scores of characters involved across multiple generations and eras.
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