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The Zanzibar Organization series of novels

This is a light or web novel series that will run for many volumes. As of April 2021, I have already finished the first volume and most of the second, with drafts for other volumes.

The Zanzibar Organization is actually the sequel to a partially-web published triple f (fact-fiction-fantasy) novel series that I developed and wrote over a decade ago.

Now I have created the Zanzibar Organization as a quadruple F. (Fact-Fiction-Fantasy-Fxxx). So once I get the funding, there may be NSFW (Not Safe For Work) content.

The ZZO is a group of Political Risk consultants who travel the world in an airship. Apart from taking on serious consulting work in their airship office, they also experience the foods, cultures and geography of the world while taking on villains and injustices all over the world.

It’s an epic tale spread over a planned 20 volumes, so there’s lots of story and characters to build over time. Each volume usually consists of 8 missions of 3 chapters each, structured to suit the framework of manga chapters or anime episodes.

Most of the action in this series takes place in conflict zones in the year 2050. Basically the areas most badly affected by climate change: Africa, Central Asia, Middle East and South Asia. There are a lot of people living in these regions, and a lot of languages spoken.

Since they are Political Risk consultants, there is real-world realism in the politics, geography, economics and culture. Plenty of political and social satire. It’s carried in the form of an anime-style web novel, so you can expect sci-fi world building and more supernatural elements during combat.

Since I am not married and have a very stable life, I can definitely finish the series no matter how many readers there are. I can afford the time cost over many years. However, without financial support (paying subscriptions) I cannot meet my other targets such as creating a manga version, or an anime series. Or live action.

I will release a new chapter or episode every week, targeting 3000-4200 words each.

I don’t always provide an explanation for the local words. This might be something that most native English speakers are unaccustomed to. But for most of the locals living in these lands traversed by the ZZO, it is perfectly normal to talk to people who speak different languages. They won’t necessarily understand their counterparts completely. This is fine, because they’ll learn from the context after a while.

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