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About 3FingeredFox

I don’t work in tech or design. I’m not a maker, an influencer, a creative, or a guru. I’m neither disrupting nor evangelizing.

I write. I write middling-form pieces that alternate between the analytical and the confessional. I try to write well enough that my work is not unpleasant to read, and I try to think clearly enough that my work will not leave you more confused than when you began.

You can see examples of my work in the following places:

My TinyLetter, the Falibillist: https://tinyletter.com/3fingeredfox
My blog: http://threefingeredfox.net/
Medium: https://medium.com/@3fingeredfox

There you will find an article about Margaret Hamilton—the woman who programmed the Apollo lander—a piece that was seen maybe a million times and that started an equal number of memes. Also, such topics as the Chomsky/Žižek beef, Jane Jacobs, socialism, birds, Medicare, logical paradoxes, online free speech, and my struggles to repair a recalcitrant toilet.

What do I want out of Patreon? Out of you? To now, I've been good at reading and writing, and not very good at capitalist accumulation. Your contributions won't pay for research, or assistants, or better equipment. Instead, it will pay for the upkeep and improvement of my biochemistry: The shelter, food, medicine, and durable medical devices that will ensure my body's physical homeostasis. 

Thank you. No, thank you.
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Write a book on the phenomenon of the emergent political philosophy of the internet.
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