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The Lurker

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Thank you for supporting me from the shadows! 

You have earned:

  • My eternal gratitude OwO
  • Your name on my Twitch page
  • The Patron Role in our Discord server
  • Access to extra random sketch posts and WIPs
    (you also get access to all previous posts of this type). This includes art that has never been uploaded or streamed ;3
    I sometimes share my thought process or backstories as well!
  • Vote on what I will draw for my monthly Patreon Pick stream! I will work on it for 1 stream, and they will usually be headshots. You can pick from a list which I prepare (mix of fanart and original stuff). Sometimes you get a list of series or themes, sometimes specific characters ^^

Enjoy your Lurkbox ;3

Includes Discord benefits

The Heart Warmer

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Thank you so much!


This will earn you:

  • All the previous rewards!
  • Early-access to most art before I upload it to other galleries/socials (some exceptions involve art made for specific people). This may include things I don't stream.
  • Access to full-resolution images of my art when I finish something (also the previously uploaded ones). The image quantity may vary per month!
  •  You gain extra control over the monthly Patreon Pick drawing in an extra poll. The type of control can be different every month!
    You might decide a theme (anime, games, disney, marvel, etc), if we do fanart or original stuff, which exact character, etc.
Includes Discord benefits

The Nommer

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You want something extra to nom on..? OwO


  • All the previous rewards!
  • 500 Loyalty Crystals to save for doodle time! Every 500 crystals can get 15 minutes of doodle time. By saving them up longer you can request more doodle time! (You can also earn more crystals by hanging out on stream, following, subbing, cheering bits, and hosting) If you want to use your crystals, please contact me so we can plan it in ;3
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About ARHDian

Twitch --- DeviantArt --- Instagram --- Discord --- Twitter --- Website

Why, hello there :3

I'm known as ARHDian, a 28 year old Nanotechnology student from the Netherlands (very not-art-related, I know).
I like to make art, and stream on Twitch what I do. Although of course I draw because I want to get better and because I love drawing, I secretly started doing this to get a grip on my burn-out ^^
I like to draw random characters, occasional fanart, comics, and whatever else comes my way.

When my fiance kicked me on Twitch over a year ago, I really didn't expect to like it at all, but I have never been SO happy to be wrong. I've been blessed with a wonderful community. Everyone is really sweet and laid-back, and the casual stream sessions have really made my life better, and also allow me to draw almost every day.

Although right now I can only do this as a hobby, and every minute of my free time goes into it, I hope that one day I might be able to scrape together enough support to do this as a part-time (or perhaps even full-time >/////<) job, so I get to improve my art more, and have more fun with all of you!

I'm really grateful for the support and the positivity I'm already getting from you guys, and I think it's time to finally launch my Patreon to make it easier to support me, and to make it easier to give back to you guys as well.

As most of you already know, I'm a terrible social media noob, so forgive me for being slow at making this a proper page. I will do my very best to think of nicer rewards in the future, post milestone updates along our journey, and make the page look more epic ^^
I've had this page sit on the interwebs empty and unlaunched for over a year now.
It's time I start somewhere, and this is it.

I hope you'll enjoy your time here ^^
Let's make this a long-lasting journey.
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If we reach 25 Patrons, I will extend the Patreon Pick to 2 streams instead of 1
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