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About Ann Kreilkamp

ANNOUNCEMENT: ARKCroneCast is on hiatus for the foreseeable future, at least on Patreon. Ann is still creating on her publishing website, Tendre Press and video and audio archives will be moved from Patreon to the website this spring. This platform will be open to the public until Ann decides to use it again for other projects. Thanks you all for viewing! Find Ann posting daily at Exopermaculture blog and visit Tendre Press at the end of April for more offerings!


How do we move from chronic desire and dissatisfaction, to fulfillment in every moment? How do we move from scarcity to abundance, from feeling as if there is a HOLE in our very being to actually becoming WHOLE? How do we move from feeling lonely to being alone (all-one)?

Come with me as one old woman shares stories of various space/time arcs that create meaning in her all-too-human life. Utilizing the language of astrology as a conceptual and symbolic framework for viewing significant events and processes, I demonstrate, with my own living herstory, how strings of cause and effect converge into nodes, which branch out again, on and on, a never-ending tapestry of seeking, suffering, and its release into compassion.

As you will learn, the main themes in my life have been the search for Truth, the surrender to Love, and the frisson between them that generates the evolutionary thrust.

In this cronecast I aim to ignite a shared culture of teaching and healing stories that help reconnect us to our inner lives, to each other and to the natural world. At some point I will open this cronecast to interviews with others who share this vision and practice of combining Truth and Love, Teaching and Healing. Each of us, in our divine essence, is both a Genius and a Saint! Only we don’t know it! Not yet. Let us begin.

ARK CroneCast is produced by Gabracadabra Studios

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