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Bamboo Baby

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Thank you so much for your support!
This gets you:
* Access to Sketches and WIPs of artwork to come, or artwork that I forget to finish!
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* First Day Dibs on Adoptables

* My Eternal Gratitude! ; O ;

Little Red Puff

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Here, you get!
* Previous Patreon reward(s)!

* Access to my NSFW doodles, sketches and wip's!


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Here, you get:
* All previous Patreon reward(s)!

* Me, annoying the heck out of you!
You will get just about every single thing that comes out of this panda's pencil. What I draw, when I draw it!
* Voter rights!
Vote on which General art pieces I complete!




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About AilurusMursus

Hey there! My name's Cayenne,  the red panda. You may know me elsewhere by the alias AilurusMursus.

I'm a 5+ year dedicated Anthro artist, that love's drawing animals doing people stuff! I'm a very busy bear who's looking for a little extra push to keep my head in the art game. Aside from my miniature art career, I'm a aspiring to be a Zoological Vet Tech, have a kinda crazy full time equine job.
In regards to my artwork, I'm sketching, doodling, concepting and planning artwork 24/7! (seriously, it keeps me up at night! ;D)

What can you expect to find here?

Lots and lots of animal doodles. No joke, like, there's gonna be a LOT of animal doodles. In addition there will always be the sporadic rendered artworks, project plans, comics, stories, wips, storyboards for who knows what, animations, the occasional nsfw doodle, and SO much more!
If I created it (or tried to!) It will be here!

Want to support me and get some goodies in return? Seriously, that would mean the world and more to me. Believe me when I say I would never be able to thank you enough!

$27.83 of $100 per month
A personal goal of mine that would be amazing to reach!
Will make dedicated work hours for my art if I can reach this goal as well.
If reached - Celebration Freebie stream for all Patreons!
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 102 exclusive posts

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