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All $1 per month backers get my sincere thanks, along with access to weekly ten-minute bonus podcasts, monthly bonus Q&A podcasts, and monthly Spotify playlists with liner notes, plus occasional other stuff.

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Along with the bonus podcasts every week, $5 or more backers will receive free ebook copies of any new self-published books I put out, usually around three per year, including the ebook based on the podcast, as well as special advance content.


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Along with the weekly ten-minute bonus podcasts, $10 backers will get free paperback copies of any new  self-published books I put out, as well as all the benefits of the $1 and $5 tiers, including all the ebooks and bonus podcasts.



About Andrew Hickey

Important note: As of September 22, 2020, new signups for the Patreon will get charged on the day you sign up, and then (if you choose monthly payments) on the first of the next month -- this means you might get two charges close together. That's a Patreon setting I have no control over, but that first payment is for access to all the older content, including over seventy bonus podcasts (as of that date -- more most weeks).

I've been writing for several years, and many people have told me they enjoy my writing. I've published more than twenty books, with more on the way, on all kinds of subjects.

I'm also running a new podcast -- A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs, which can be found at , and will soon be starting a second podcast of my short fiction.

Among other things, backers will get a ten-minute bonus podcast every week -- a brief look at a song that's not in my main podcast. If you're a backer and want to listen to these, go to and scroll down to "My Benefits". There should be a link there saying "Private RSS Link". Paste that into your podcast app, and you should get all the bonus episodes the same way you get the regular episodes -- though they'll be labelled as "Andrew Hickey" rather than "A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs".

I guarantee that my podcasts will always be available for free (except for Patreon bonus episodes), will always have text versions for those who prefer to read, and will never have a load of waffle about what I've been up to before I get to the point. I gather this is rare in podcasting. Also I will never pivot to video.

(I will also try to keep the podcasts ad-free, but I reserve the right to start doing ads if I don't get enough backers for it to be viable).

If you fund me, I will put out an episode of A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs as often as possible (I'm aiming for every week, but with the stresses of the pandemic that has not always been possible) and publish as many books as I can, in both paper and ebook format. All Patreon backers over $5 a month will get these for free. I may also publish additional work that is not covered directly by this Patreon, though I will attempt to ensure that Patreon backers have access to that work at discounted or otherwise special rates (though this will depend on publishers being willing).

Those blog posts and books will vary in topic between comics, vintage TV, fiction, music, and politics. I am very willing to take the opinions of my Patreon backers into account when deciding on the proper balance of these and other topics.

I plan also to publish book versions of A History of Rock Music in 500 Songs in installments every year. Backers at the $5 and above levels will get this.
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Twenty-Minute Newscast!
If the podcast gets to $2000 a month, I'll expand the newscasts to twenty minutes.
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