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My Story

Hujambo! Bright rising, Beautiful Beings. My first name is kuwa jasiri. My pronouns are beauty, and elle in Spanish. I am a Keeper Of Ancient Knowledge. I am an intersex, genderqueer of Ghanaian, Cuban, Spanish, Zulu, Creole heritage.

I began intentionally connecting with the Natural world after college. I wanted ways to meet my own needs instead of seeking out others. I started Authentic Creations to offer my land based skills to those in need around me. Originally sparked from my soidarity work with the Indigenous Diné Nation of Central Turtle Island.

Another world is possible!

Through the cultivation and distribution of cultural Seeds, Authentic Creations affirm the societial greatness of genderqueer People Of Culture (Of Colour). We work to reestablish sovereign governance, advocate for healhty food, land access, reparations, accessibility, abolition and accountability. We prioritize collective care, spiritual wellness and ancestral wisdom.

Since 2011, with our BY US, FOR US model, we center intersectionality, blackness, disabilities and those incarcerated.

Where does your money go?
Generous community contributions provide vital resources for me, Founding Steward Of Authentic Creations. As an Afro-Carribean, queer community leader regular aid bolsters my basic dignities, gives me access to stable housing allowing me space to participate in community and offer my labour towards transformative justice. This Seed Pod Giving Space exists for the purpose of replenishing and rejuvenating my mind, body and spirit.

All community donations are matched dollar for dollar as well as are requirements to continue receiving large foundation grants. All donations are Tax Deductible through our Fiscal Sponsorship with Movimento --- 501(c)(3) number: 73-168337

Seed Pod Patrons Pay-What-You-Can!
This is a space for all members of our community + those who love us. To create an equitable society, those of us who have benefited from privilege must give away their money, labour, and other resources to marginalized folks. While learning what it means to be part of a community, engage in cultural accountability, divest from capitalistic, colonial and -ism based systems.

By participating in these ways you are celebrating me and allowing me to receive equitable pay for my community contributions. Thank you!

Our 2nd Goal
of 24 patrons with 300$ by Kwanzaa 2022.
1st Goal of 15 patrons with 141$ met January 2022.

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Together we can,
kuwa jasiri Indomela (elle/beauty)

By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 42 exclusive posts

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