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        About Cinema from the Spectrum

        Hello, this is the founder, Jaime Rebanal speaking. I first started Cinema from the Spectrum as a site dedicated only to sharing movie reviews written by myself, but there came a point to which I wanted to take it a whole new direction by inviting fellow writers on board in order to help emphasize the perspectives of autistic individuals in order to cover mental health issues on film that never find themselves in the spotlight as much as I believe that they are. Trying to build up an audience is hard work, but balancing it together with schoolwork is already a tougher challenge now that I'm already a college student.

        So what is it that I'm looking to do with this site? Well, with all the writing that you see me put up on my Letterboxd, I think my own love of film would be clear enough. But I'm not the sort of person who would write about films because of the money, though it's already a long road to walk if I know I want to head for a future that would suit the best interests of me and my fellow writers. I'd already been writing movie reviews for at least four years but support may be useful in providing far more content so that we know we can take this site the direction we truly want it to go. Our love of film can only take us so far, but it isn't easy to catch up especially when it hasn't been easy for some of our writers to earn enough money that would help in supporting the art that we love. Of course we aren't expecting you to pay for our movies, but how can we be so sure our work can be kept up at the rate in which it is if some of our writers are trying to make even as much as $3 a week?

        That's where I'd ask you, the people kind enough to give us a read whenever you can or listen in to our podcasts, for your support! Because not only would it help in making this site better, but it would also be most useful in giving us more opportunities to create better content on our behalf. As a matter of fact, with where I am right now, I'm still trying to keep up to a promise that I can improve myself for the better.

        You can find us on Twitter right here, and follow me and my fellow writers Mercedes MayChuck Winters, and Austin Shinn on Twitter if you wish to keep up to date with what we're up to.
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