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Amateur Radio Enthusiast

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You've heard the radio transmissions from space and you're kinda curious. You're going to have access to our behind the scenes chats and posts, bloopers, and the see the updates of the watercolour drafts of Flying Felicette.
  • Behind the Scenes (Posts, Bloopers, and the Crew Debriefing Pod)
  • Monthly Watercolor Drafts of Flying Felicette

Smooth Operator

per month
You're a pretty experienced HAM radio operator now. Not only can you hear the transmissions from space, but you've pinpointed where they're coming from.

There's going to be behind the scenes content (bloopers, posts, and the Crew Debriefing Pod), the watercolor AND finalized posts of the comic Flying Felicette, access to the minisodes, and any of the art posted will be downloadable for you. 
  • Monthly Bonus Minisodes!
  • Art Downloads
  • Behind the Scenes (Posts, Bloopers, and the Crew Debriefing Pod)
  • Monthly Watercolor Drafts of Flying Felicette
  • Flying Felicette

Hostile Amnesiac

per month
You made it aboard Sharp before leaving Earth, but now you're not sure why you're here or when you're getting back. But it sounds like you might meet some aliens. Congrats!

You get everything the previous tiers get, but you'll also get a shout out as crew on the podcast, and you'll get a vote as an onboard crewmember which adventure DNA 404 takes in full sized episodes separate from the main plot. Mystery, horror and mayhem delivered your way.

  • Monthly Bonus Minisodes!
  • Art Downloads
  • Flying Felicette
  • Monthly Watercolor Drafts of Flying Felicette
  • Behind the Scenes (Posts, Bloopers, and the Crew Debriefing Pod)
  • Exclusive Voting Power for the Theme of Full Episodes




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About Fragged Up Entertainment

Reality and fiction aren't always so far apart. If you like late night talks with a friend over a cuppa, or sometimes wish you could leave everything behind, you might just belong aboard.

DNA 404 is a science fiction audio drama that's come for the fantastic voyage genre, and decided to make it home. The first episode, airing January 11th 2021 will answer your fears of the future by soothing the fears of the past. Patreon exclusive short monologues, easter eggs, memories, and adventures with our DNA 404 compatriots will be posted monthly, beginning at the end of January 2021.

Flying Felicette, a Patreon exclusive comic tangentially related to DNA 404 will also be posted monthly.

Late Night Bedtime Stories are on their way as well, for those who miss the every so slightly terrifying classics. We're talking Grimm's, Lang's Fairy Books, Aesop's Fables and more.

We're just setting sail, and maybe we're just on a dinghy for now, but one day maybe that star ship will take off with us all aboard. For now, our crew is pretty small but stout. Given the cost of creating DNA 404, currently Season 1 can be released in full. Any adventures beyond that, and increased updates will depend on our audience. And really, no art can truly exist without an audience. It is you who provides the wind that we sail with. If you can't support us financially, please continue to listen to DNA 404 and share it with anyone you think you wouldn't mind being trapped in space with.

I'm Theo Perth, the writer and audio editor for DNA 404, and voice of Sharp. I'm not very adept at writing promotional material, but I can guarantee, it's entirely due to the undeniable imposter syndrome that everyone I know seems to needlessly be crippled with. I couldn't have done this without the friends, podcasting community, or my very enthusiastic cast.

Not to mention Adam Lloyd, our brilliant editor. 

I genuinely hope to bring you further seasons of DNA 404 in the future, so make sure to support us if you can! Our crew is seriously the best!

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