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About Darwin

Hello Current and Potential Patrons!
Darwin here, creator of Darwin Comics.

Since 2006, Darwin Comics has been creating three long form webcomics Michael, The Only Half Saga and the now complete Gemutations: Plague, free to the public.  But comic creation does take time, four to six hours per page a week.  That's 8-12 hours a week to turn out two sets of comic pages! 

What's your comics about there, Darwin?

What would it be like to be a mutant in an all human high school?  Michael Scott is about to find out, as his sharkmue genetics kick in just before his freshman year.  Some want to make him the face for the gemue equality movement, while others want to run him out of the school.  All Michael wants is to survive his freshman year!
(Rated Teen)

The Only Half Saga

The Only Half Saga
follows various dhampirs (half-vampires) as they try their hardest to survive in a post-apocalyptic world. Vampires despise dhampirs' existence, and humans aren't much better with their narrow-mindedness. Follow Cabal, Garrett, Sagira, and Miranda as they try to find a way to survive - to work together in a world that seems to want them all dead.
(Rated Mature)

Gemutations: Plague is a story about a lethal outbreak of a mutagenic virus.  The gemues (genetically mutated humans) Tigershark, Angelina, and their allies try their best to find the cause and create a cure.  It's a race against time.  Because the longer it lingers the more human Purists push to incarcerate all gemue-kind and never let them free again!  
(Rated Mature)

I create my comics as labors of love.  Additionally they help me promote the Novels off which the comics are based (or related to!).

As an author, my rewards not only comic and art content, but also novelizations for your reading pleasure!  Please take a look at my offered tiers and consider assisting me in my artistic creation!

Your donation will help offset the cost of hosting my webcomics each year (including helping support the Spiderforest Webcomics Community's costs of whom I am a member) , and will support the time it takes to create the comics you love! 

Thank you for taking the time to look!  I hope you will consider supporting me!

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Should this goal be met, I will create a brand spanking new wallpaper for all my patrons!
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