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is creating R packages and educational material

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About Dean Attali

Hi, I'm Dean 👋

I've been creating widely-used open source software and educational content since 2014. I believe in releasing all my useful software products and knowledge into the wild so that everyone can benefit from them!

Ideally I'd be able to work only on open source all day long, but unfortunately I also need to eat and support myself, so I provide consulting for income.

🎉Your contributions would directly help me produce more open source work - because I won't have to take on as many private clients to support myself!


Maintenance of existing work is in itself time consuming: between all my projects and tutorials, I receive several emails every day ranging from asking for some basic help to bug reports to feature requests to asking for very complex help. I take pride in my work and make sure to keep it all up to date and high quality. On top of that I'm constantly creating more R packages and more content. I also have some server/infrastructure costs to pay. Any support is appreciated! 🙏

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