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When I started at Patreon, I didn't have ANY money to spare.  I was hoping Patreon would provide more income for me, then I would support other Creators!  :-)

Later, I decided to find out more about the Patreon financial process and dedicated $5/month to find as many people to support as I could.  This is when I chose the $1 a month option.  It helped me to understand what I wanted to do with my own page.

Now I have decided to start a $1 tier of my own.

This tier will be a "Start-up" for both of us.  I am not sure what the benefits structure will be, but after one full year of paid support I plan to send a Thank You gift of some kind to my supporters, of any tier. This is why you should be asked for a mailing address when you sign up.

For this tier the Thank You will probably be a postcard I have made -- but no promises!  :-)  When the time comes, I will have it figured out.

This is an ONGOING support tier.  You should be charged when you sign up and then every month afterwards.  You can increase your support at any time or cancel it. 

Right now Patreon only lets Patrons support one tier, or choose their own amount, which doesn't receive benefits as far as I know.  I am advocating for separate tiers so those who want to can support more than one of my categories.  I think it will help everyone at Patreon to have this option.

I hope you will choose to grow with me as I learn how to make Patreon the first stop in my online sites.


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Welcome to my PROJECTS tier!

The purpose of this tier is to highlight a specific need and see if you can help me find the answer to the problem.

I am now raising the funds needed to create a separate workspace for myself.

I checked on renting a storage garage space with lights and plugs and heat/air.  The were in the $200+ ranges nearby... plus added costs

I thought a large storage shed in the yard somewhere might work... they seem to run from $1-5K, maybe more.  I can't place that where I live right now, but it could be a future option.

The pole version of workspaces seem to cost $10-20K -- maybe some day....   :-)

For this tier I will be trying to raise $500/month and go for the first year's estimated costs... which is $6000.

Once that amount is reached, I will make this tier hidden until the finances are processed.  This will also allow me to share updates with just those who have contributed to this tier. A thank you will be sent to all who help with this project.

When this project is finished, I will open it up for another project.


reward item
reward item
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This is my  GENERAL  SUPPORT  tier.
General Support means your funding allows me to supply any creative project I am working on.

For me, that could be workspaces, equipment, supplies, overhead, employees, business fees, registrations, insurance, and even unexpected emergencies.

Your support will meet so many unknown or unexpected needs as they happen.  I guess you might say this is my "emergency fund" and my "development fund."  It is my "catch-all" tier.

This is the MOST IMPORTANT tier of all.


--  22 JULY 2021 -  July has brought changes to this tier!  I am now making it my primary posting tier, JOURNALING three times a week to share the process I am going through to get to my goals. 
--  Patrons will also be provided with SPECIAL OFFERS and DISCOUNTS as they become available.
--  At the end of every twelve (12) months of paid membership, Patrons will receive some kind of  THANK  YOU  GIFT  from me.  This is why your mailing address is requested.



About Debs Retirement Plan

Today is the 22nd of JULY 2021.
I have updated my page again...
adding two tiers for more financial options for both Patrons and myself.
  • START-UP  at $1.00 a month
  • NEW PROJECTS - a flexible tier with changing projects to fund, at $3.00/month until each project is completed.
I also still have my main three tiers :: 
  • FOR  EVERYONE as my General Support tier at $5/month.
  • SMALL  ART  PRINTS at $15/month.
  • JEWELRY  DESIGN $25/month.
If you have read any of my posts, you know I am trying to find a "flow" to all my online efforts, making Patreon the main space and linking from here to places like ETSY and EBAY and social media, to any space online that I am involved in.

  • The PLAN is to make my EVERYONE tier into a Journaling-style tier, with about three posts a week.
  • I will be making a PUBLIC post at least once a week.
  • I will be working on at least one monthly post for my ART and JEWELRY tiers.  This will vary by what I am working on.
  • I am trying to find a larger support option for those who want to help and have the ability to do so.
I expect to change this page as I find out what works and what does not, or to try new things.

I am sad that my previous efforts have not worked out the way I hoped.  I trust GOD will share His reasons in the appropriate time and way.  My task is to keep going.

I hope you will be one of those who help me to reach my destinations.  Thank You.

In Christ,

REMINDER ::  As Patreon is set up right now, 
Please choose the tier that best fits your heart and budget.

PATREON is still my main focus for the rest of my online existence...
I think it is full of amazing possibilities.  
Please share this link with anyone you think might
become one of my supporters.

Thank you for any sharing you do!

Explore some of my other efforts online,
ALL works in progress, like my PATREON page -- --  Lots of links to explore on my WT homepage!

and my first affiliate link at PRINTFUL --

plus blogs, mainly

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MY  2021  GOAL !!!
Right now, I want to fill my two crafting tiers.
That's 20 for ART  &  10 for JEWELRY.
That's the foundation.
FOR  EVERYONE  is the gravy.
As many as possible for that tier.
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By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 121 exclusive posts

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