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Back in 2012, we were walking down the street one very average day.  But then we saw a dollar on the ground. We don't talk about it much, but we remember it.  This level's contribution helps us revisit that afternoon's good fortune in a more concrete way.  Welcome aboard!

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In 1973, Schoolhouse Rock declared, “Three is a magic number. / Yes it is.  It’s a magic number. / Somewhere in the ancient, mystic trinity / You get three..."  Fair enough, and we three(!) thank you way kindly.

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On Oct 2, 1977, the Dodgers were playing the Astros.  Dusty Baker hit his 30th home run.  Dusty's teammate Glenn Burke was waiting on deck as Dusty rounded the bases, and raised his hand in the air in triumph.  Said Dusty, "Glenn's hand was up in the air, so I reached up and hit it.  It seemed like the right thing to do."  Devon says this was the first high five.  Your generous contribution, however, is the most recent. We're so thankful, we have half a mind to slap you on the butt!  BONUS.




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About Devon Sproule & Paul Curreri

A lot has changed since Paul and I met each other, on stage, in 2000. Paul had a mustache and wanted to tear it all up. Now he has long hair and wants peace and quiet. I was a kid (18!). Now I’m having a kid of my own.  Paul’s the dad.

These days, as neither of us can tour as much as we used to (Paul's tendinitis, my babyitis), we’ve decided to take advantage of one of the new platforms helping musicians keep their careers sustainable — Patreon. There's always been a lot of collaboration behind the scenes at our house. But — like other things lately — we've decided to officially sire this together.

For the past couple months, we’ve been creating a variety of media — mostly songs & videos, but also skits, demos, essays, mini-docs, jams — just to ensure our little house could hack the required pressure. I’m happy to report that the wind filled the sails pretty naturally!

So why share it via Patreon?
Patreon cuts out the middle man. It takes our work straight to our peeps – to you. And it’s a way for you to say, “Yeah, this is good stuff,” to express your support with more than a Facebook like, or a ticket to a show. It’s a way to value art.

How's it work?
- As a patron, you decide how much you'd like to contribute per song / video / etc.
- If you want, you can set a monthly cap.  
- For example, you could pledge $5 per song, but set a “monthly cap” of $10. That way, you only pay $10/month total, even if we release 3 or 19 or 47 songs that month. (PS. Realistically, we will be probably be posting two releases per month.

A Couple Other Things
- All pledge levels = total access.  We want you to have this stuff.
- Songs will be shared via wav & mp3 download links / streaming.  Perfect.
- Music videos will often include download links to the actual music track.  Sweet.
- Not all of the work we post here will be 50/50 collaborations. Paul is better at editing videos than I am, for instance, but I can sing higher.  :)  
- Also, only some of this work will be exclusive to Patreon.   After all, we still need to make new fans / patrons and promote to the general public. But Patreon will be the heart and hub — the place where we post what we make, and the platform for you to help us make it. 

We'll be depending on you, as we always have.  And in return, we will continue to fill your house with music, art, and good vibes.  

Paul and I are grateful to have been making music this long, and to have gathered a large and loyal family of supporters. Now we’re asking you to make it official. Become a patron!
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
Audio releases
By becoming a patron, you'll instantly unlock access to 98 exclusive posts
Audio releases

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