Dr. Jack Kruse

is creating Theory on Quantum biology of humans

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About Dr. Jack Kruse

My name is Jack Kruse and I am a neurosurgeon.  I want to thank you for joining me on chasing change in our modern world and becoming a patron of mine here.  I would like to share with you some ideas I have here on why we're all in trouble these days. Humans evolved the attributes of a large brain and the ability to speak, in order to form intricate social networks that can use many aspects of technology. Our biggest attribute is the ability to think. This allows us to radically change the environment that we are ideally adapted to. It has allowed us to dominate all habitats and create havoc in most of them as well. The real human miracle of our minds is not that we can see the world as it is……but that we can see it as it is not, and then change it. If we think and act incorrectly, we can quickly recalibrate and overcome it. Conversely, we seem to be a prisoner to our paleo-cortex (older less evolved brain), and resist change even when we know it must occur. Many times we will subjugate the best interests of our survival to suit our emotional needs or desires. The real paradox of humanity is that our reasons for the things we do are often weak but our sentiments to do them remain quite strong. Interestingly, we have overcome that liability as a species many times so far. Some of us even find comfort in that ability at times.

I believe today we are now mismatched with our environment because of our own doing because of the light we've chosen to live under.   Here was her comment: “My parents eat more prescriptions than they do food and they never go outside anymore. They do not think their light and food choices ultimately affect their health. They bought a Wii for exercise, watch exercise guru's on youtube every morning, and only play games in the Wii now. They BOTH work in the medical field, too.”

This thinking must change and eventually it will when patients mandate they want better than what they have.

My goal is to start the dialogue of how to evolve healthcare using patients as foot soldiers by turning them into "MITOCHONDRIACS". I am hell bent on changing the process of how medicine is practiced and healthcare delivered in this country. Right now my sphere of influence is small and I can affect my patients and family with my thoughts. Thinking about how to do this is a messy process when the end point is not well defined. I do know that it must change, but for now I am going to trust the process I've begun. Some paradigms change slowly and to others change comes like a tsunami. I have decided to embrace change and try to become the change I want to see in medicine now. I realize I cannot control it, but I know I can work in harmony with it and even cultivate the vision I see for it. I used to worry about healthcare reform and how it might end up after Washington DC tried to control it, but I realized that if I could not control it, neither can they. I found some solace in that.  Thank you for joining my in help changing our world by changing your perspective on what really matters in healthcare, light, water, and magnetism in quantum biology of humans

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