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About Eyazahrid

I told myself that I wouldn't do this, that whoever found my page would do it either by accident or by seeking it out on their own. Unfortunately I now find myself asking my readers directly to visit this page and consider supporting me. 

It was not an easy decision and even as I write this I feel like scum. 

I am a worker, I always have been. I pour everything I can into my job and whatever's left into my hobbies. The thought of asking others to support me as I focus on those hobbies just feels wrong, like asking for charity or mooching off of friends. It's not a feeling I like and even if none of you see it that way it's probably not something I would ever get used to. 

I know, rationally, that I am providing something that others may value but at the same time I've been providing that same thing for nearly four years now, absolutely free. 

I'll pause this here now to make a promise, a promise that my work will continue to be provided free of charge. I cannot hide it from you behind a paywall, my pride will never allow it. My work is and will be free to enjoy.

Deciding to support me should be of your own free will, not a requirement to continue enjoying something you love. 

But that gets us to the root of the subject- I'm asking for your support. 

I love writing, almost as much as I love seeing how much people enjoy it. It's taken over most of my free time and often encroaches upon everything else I do. Writing is more than a hobby, it's who I am. 

You may be aware that recently I changed careers to one that paid slightly less but provided more free time for me to dedicate to my writing. So far that's worked well and I've managed to get chapters ready well ahead of schedule. More than that, I've really enjoyed the work I do, the freedom I have doing it, and the satisfaction I feel after a day's work. 

It is, without a doubt, the best job I've ever had. 

Regretfully, it may also be the shortest job I ever hold. 

While the technical and hands-on aspects of the job are easy enough for me and I manage to socialize with the customer- which is normally a weakpoint of mine- I have been struggling with a major element of my position; Sales. 

Sales are a critical part of our department both for brand partnerships we need to ensure our future in the changing industry and because the department itself doesn't make any money and needs to counteract the deficit as much as possible. 

As it so happens, I am not exactly...skilled...in sales and while I have been provided a grace period to acclimate to the job it's becoming painfully evident that my lack of sales may bring my career to a quick end. 

It's something I've worried about for a while now and the stress of not knowing how long I'm going to be able to keep this job is beginning to take its toll. 

I will, of course, continue to try my best to keep this job because I do enjoy it but I know I also need to be looking into other options. There are a few local positions that interest me and I've been looking into, but I've always wondered if I would be able to support myself doing what I loved. 

I don't expect much from this, honestly, in fact I don't suspect this will work at all. Still, I have to at least give it a shot or I'll forever wonder if it would have been viable. 

So, what I'm asking is that if you enjoy my work and are able to spare even a dollar a month that you help me in providing the content you love without having to worry about my bills. Even if the amount we raise each month isn't enough to live off of, each and every bit means that I can work fewer hours and at a lesser paying job.

If we do somehow manage to get to the point where I can live off of your generosity I will quit work entirely and focus on my writing full time so that I can provide even more than the work you're currently enjoying. Sealkeeper would, of course, remain my primary focus but I would also be able to devote time to other projects and, eventually, even my own original work. 

Again, I don't expect you to donate. My work will remain free for you to enjoy. If you are able, however, I would be very grateful. Just a dollar from one in every thirty-two readers each month would be more than enough for me to retire from a traditional job and focus on my work as a writer. 

To show you how serious I am about pursuing this, I will be doing another thing I told myself I would never do- I will be showing my face, completely unobstructed, here on this site. I believe that if you are even considering supporting me than you deserve to know who it is you're supporting. 

And, as a special thanks to those who are able to support me, I will be posting chapters here on Patreon early, starting with my very first Patron. Chapters will be up at least a day early, but my goal is to be able to provide them a full week earlier for those who help make these chapters possible. 

I thank you all for your support over these past few years as I've grown as a writer and hope that I can continue to provide the content you love far into the future.

Until I next have your attention, 


$239.70 of $2,500 per month
If we somehow manage to reach and maintain this I'll quit my job and write full-time. 
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